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August 2008

How Could a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device Automatically Preven

Using a tracking device on a car used to be a way to find it if it were stolen. But now this is just one small use a tracking device has. There are now many reasons people have for installing tracking devices. They are used by the police, by private investigators, and also by parents, (this has been a fast growing trend).

January 2008

Could this be what the iPhone Starbucks quick-order system will look like?

By now its a fairly by-gone conclusion that Apple will be announcing their partnership with Starbucks to deliver an iPhone-based online quick-order system. The design-gurus in Cupertino have already filed for a patent application to that effect, and were all just waiting on Steve Jobs to drop the espresso-bomb on us next week at Macworld Expo.

September 2007

Cell Phones Could Be Dangerous To A Patients Health

A recent study has found that people using cell phones in hospitals can present a danger to patients health.

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