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March 2008

New Restriction for Cell Phone Users at the Wheel

As we have already written in the previous articles in many US states it is illegal to speak over the cell phone without hand-free while driving a car. He first state where cops were given the right to pull the drivers over for only this offence became New Jersey. In other states police can add this charge to the ticket if you have got into an accident while on the phone.

January 2008

More Common Sense with Cellphones at Wheel

The recent researches conducted by the experts of the University of Utah amp;#8217;s Traffic Lab have shown that those drivers who use their mobile phones amp;#8211; hand free - at wheel greatly contribute to the number of road accidents.

December 2007

Hop-on Brings Back Disposable Cell Phone for Use on Verizons Open Network

Wireless announcement that it will allow outside phone and mobile devices to connect to their network. The stylish disposable phone is ideal for kids, teens, seniors, tourist, vacationers, business travelers and people with credit challenges.

September 2007

Transformers cell phone serves your robo-fetish

The recent Michael Bay epic Transformers fell flat with many critics but delivered when it came to special effects. Because of the live-action dream come true, a mini-resurgence of Transformers mania has taken hold in the geek community resulting in some rather interesting expressions of robo-devotion. The latest is this case mod of the Motorola MOTOROKR E6 cell phone.

August 2007

Brix modular cell phone can expand into a large-screen display

Take a look at Brix, a modular concept for a cell phone that lets you use one of the screens as a phone/media viewer, or piece together multiple units for an even larger screen.

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