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March 2009

6 Things You Should NEVER Do with your Cell Phone

The cell phone is a truly magical piece of technology. The mind actually spins when trying to consider all the ways it has changed our lives for the better. But with all that convenience there is also additional risk.

December 2008

Smokers Are Prone to Bacterial Infections, Study Found

The recent issue of The Journal of Cell Biology has reported on even more dangers of cigarette smoking. According to a new study conducted by an international team of researchers, smokers tend to suffer from various types of inflammations and infections more often than non-smokers.

A Few Useful Tips On How To Get Iphone To Work On Other Phon

Today, buying your iPhone makes it also necessary for you to learn how to get iPhone to work on other phone services because there have been numerous advances been made in the technology being used in cell phones including VoIP, and even cameras in your cell phones

August 2008

Samsung Cell Phone, A Basic but Important Phone

Samsung cell phones are a favorite choice among cellular phone uses. Despite the simple design of the basic phone, they easily disappear off the store shelves because of their sheer popularity.

June 2008 Listing Search Page

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May 2008

Motorola debuts fuel cell powered phone

Angstrom’s hydrogen fuel cell can be integrated into Motorola phone, promising quicker charge, longer battery life and no emissions

Mobile Store

Mobile Store - Buy GPS, Cell Phones, Gadgets, PDAs, Laptops, Pocket PC, Mobile Devices

April 2008

Paul Frank Brings Fashion To Cell Phone Cases

A cell phone is the ultimate accessory and what better way to carry it than with a new case designed by Paul Frank?

BladeRunner GPS jacket: LoJack for your kid

Few things can be as terrifying for a parent as losing track of your child. Fortunately, technology has a solution that will let you know your kid’s location by computer, cell phone, or BlackBerry. We’ve wondered about privacy implications of tracking people with GPS-enabled garments before, but because it’s aimed at young kids, the BladeRunner should raise fewer “big brother” concerns.

March 2008

January 2008

Do Cell Phones Interfere With Sleep?

Sometimes it’s hard to think that our beloved cell phones might go hand in hand with health problems. Researchers from Europe and the United States have found that cell phone radiation could cause insomnia, headaches and reduce the amount of deep sleep the body needs.

December 2007

Lenovo Announces Release Of 3G Cell Phone

Lenovo Mobile recently announced their plans to release a new 3G cell phone.The phone is expected to be released in China at the Spring Festival

Hop-on Brings Back Disposable Cell Phone for Use on Verizons Open Network

Wireless announcement that it will allow outside phone and mobile devices to connect to their network. The stylish disposable phone is ideal for kids, teens, seniors, tourist, vacationers, business travelers and people with credit challenges.

October 2007

Motorola Engineers Honored For Developing Cell Phone

Motorola has been struggling a bit in the cell phone game, but dont forget theyre the ones who invented the whole industry. It was thirty years ago when the engineers came up with the idea for what is now your cell phone.

September 2007

Cell Phones May Cause Hearing Loss

Long-time mobile phone users who talk more than an hour a day on the devices may be may be more likely to have high-frequency hearing loss, researchers say.

Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun

The Immobilizer Cell Phone Stun Gun is a generic cell phone look-a-like that can shock someone with up to 900,000 volts (which is really high for a stun gun) - Comforting information!

Transformers cell phone serves your robo-fetish

The recent Michael Bay epic Transformers fell flat with many critics but delivered when it came to special effects. Because of the live-action dream come true, a mini-resurgence of Transformers mania has taken hold in the geek community resulting in some rather interesting expressions of robo-devotion. The latest is this case mod of the Motorola MOTOROKR E6 cell phone.

Cell Phones Could Be Dangerous To A Patients Health

A recent study has found that people using cell phones in hospitals can present a danger to patients health.

August 2007

Cell Phone Use Banned Behind The Wheels Of Buses

The use of mobile phones when driving is becoming increasing illegal throughout the United States and several states that have implemented bans while using a handheld while driving a car have also put laws into place for school bus drivers.

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