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November 2009

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies

Car insurance is mandatory in 48 states out of 50 in the U.S.A. A consumer wants to have the best coverage provided, pay for it as low as possible and have all claims done quickly and fairly in case of an accident or vehicle damage.

September 2009

Top 10 Gas Sippers

If a person wants to save money while driving there is nothing better than the most fuel-efficient car available. There have been a lot of talks about vehicles which use little amount of gasoline lately.

August 2009

The Past and Future of Mini

Fifty-three years ago British engineer, Sir Alex Issigonis has come up with a design of a small car which became famous as Mini. He drew the image of the first car on a cocktail napkin in Nice, France.

June 2009

iPod to Car Connection

If you own an iPod then you likely already know about the tons of products and add-ons that are available. There are many scenarios to choose from when it comes to connecting your iPod to your car.

The Reasons for Automatic Transmission Breakdown

Driving a car with automatic transmission (AT) is different than the one with manual. Although it is easier to learn AT, standard gearbox is safer because rough situations influence on an automatic one and especially its fluid damaging the main and most expensive part of a car.

Car Tuning: Mirage GT Carbon Edition

German tuner, Gemballa Automobiltechnik has been working on Porsches for almost 30 years and is ready to present its new creation based on Porsche Carrera GT.

May 2009

2009 Mini Cooper

Coupe does not always have to be a super advanced car with hundreds of horsepower. Sometimes istcan be little and simple and at the same time practical and fuel-efficient. 2009 Mini Cooper is one of the top coupes under $20,000 offered by

April 2009

Fluids in a Car

There are six fluids under the hood of each car that have to be checked, changed and refilled regularly. Some require monthly attention; the others stay in good condition for years.

March 2009

Underwater Car Loans

U.S. auto dealers have sold 16.1 million vehicles in 2007. The year after the sales were down by 18% showing only 13.2 million. The statistics of the first two months in 2009 reflexes 30-50% sales drops for various manufacturers which means the sales keep slowing down.

New Auto Insurance Step by Step

Since every car has to be insured, it is important to know how to get the best coverage and what would be the right choice for a certain person. Here are a few steps that might be helpful in this situation.

How to Find Parts for Your Subaru SVX

Although the Subaru SVX is well renowned as being dependable and reliable for the most part; this car does come with its own pitfalls and mechanical problems. The main issues most owners run into with a Subaru SVX are wheel bearing issues, transmission problems and even transmission failure.

Know about Your Insurance

Auto insurance is required by law in most of the states. Although car owners agree to pay for insurance, in most cases they do not know much about it: what aspects are covered, how they could save, and what are the main factors for insurance rates.

Car Insurance for New Car owners

Who would want to spend a king’s ransom on car insurance, but getting a cheap insurance is rather very difficult to get .However, there are a few things that could be done to reduce the premium of one’s insurance policy.

Toyota and Ford Celebrate Hybrid Success

Hybrid invasion of the U.S. is going fast and soon every second car on the roads will be “green”. This week was significant for Japanese and American automakers: Toyota has announced that it reached one million mark in sales of gas-electric cars for American customers and Ford has assembled 100,000th hybrid SUV.

New Law Increases Payments

Auto insurance is getting really expensive in North Carolina. The new law came in effect on Jan.1 requiring every driver to have coverage for uninsured and underinsured car owners.

Art Web directory SEO gt; Car Search

Plentycar is a vertical search engine allows you to search for car news, car reviews and dealer locations along with other auto-related information, which is based on the Google COOP Custom Search Engine Technology, Google Base and Google Maps.

Hyundai Assurance Program

Not every car manufacturer suffers in the times of crisis. While we keep hearing about the American automakers facing problems, some companies manage to profit even in the hard times like this.

Healthy Transmission

The transmission is the most complex device in a vehicle and it needs really good care whether a person plans to keep the car for a few months or for many years.

January 2009

Be Smart at Car Purchase

When it comes to the time of a big purchase (house, auto, land, boat, etc.), many people get in a trouble and might lose both: lots of money and the thing they purchased. And the problem is they were not smart enough about the economical situation and don’t have any back-up plan in case of any rising problems.

December 2008

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Heating and air conditioning system of a car is rather complicated and confusing and consequently it may need serious diagnostics and repair. Absence of heating and A|C system in modern cars makes people feel miserable while driving.

Covini Starts Six-Wheel Car Production

The history of cars has known several designs which proposed six wheels for a sport auto. Ferrari, March and Williams had projects like this, but they did not prove having any advantage over the four-wheel autos and the manufacturers gave them up.

GPS Buyers Guide - What to Look For Before Buying a GPS

When looking for a good GPS, it is easy to get overwhelmed when comparing the many features that are available. First, decide what you will be using the GPS for. If it will just be for use in your car then you would not need some of the features that would appeal to hikers, boaters, or pilots.

October 2008

The Automotive GPS - How to Choose One

In today’s world, no high end automotive is without its GPS to helps us travel from destination A to destination B. We can buy optional GPS systems as part of a new car buy or select models that are installed later. However, whether to buy one straight off or select one later that may be of better quality is a tough choice.

September 2008

Medical Insurance Is Going to Increase in Price

The prices on the health care insurance are going to rise by about 20% and this is going to affect different aspects of people’s lives. What concerns us is that it is a part of car insurance, for example, bodily injury liability coverage or personal injury protection coverage.

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