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2010 Mini Cooper Crossover Is in Testing

At the 2008 Paris Auto Show the German automaker, BMW has presented an exciting concept, 2010 Mini Cooper Crossover. It is hard to imagine Mini and Crossover in one name, however, the vehicle is gaining popularity and catches attention of many journalists and BMW fans.


BMW Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Navigator GPS

You are racing down the highway from Oregon to Washington and end up taking a wrong turn. What do you do? If you BMW Garmin Zumo motorcycle navigator GPS on you then you don’t have to do much because the GPS will take care of almost except driving the bike.

2008 Los Angeles Auto Show: BMW Mini E

Next month the automotive world plans to move to Los Angeles to the 2008 Auto Show. BMW is coming there with the presentation of its first all-electric cars, Mini E.


BMW 1-Series Cabrio Revealed

The fourth variant in BMW’s 1-Series model range has now arrived with official details and photos being released today. But while the pictures speak for themselves, oddly enough only German-language information has surfaced. So forgive what might be a poor translation of the Cabriolet’s German press release - official information in English is bound to surface very shortly.

Classy and Powerful BMW 3 Series Sports Coupe

The BMW 3 Series Sports Coupe has defined the standards of 2-door sports cars for decades. And with its new twin-turbocharged BMW 335i - the latest creation of the genre - the highest standards once again will be hard to excel.

BMW 650i Coupe and Convertible come full of surprises

BMW has finally unveiled details concerning its facelifted 6 Series coupe and convertible performance vehicles. The range-topping BMW 650i now sports the new eight-cylinder 4.8-liter engine, featuring double-VANOS system and Valvetronic valve control and capable of developing up to 360 hp reached at 6,300 rpm.

BMW Hydrogen 7 Launched!

BMW has launched the Hydrogen 7 at a British golf tournament, London. Hydrogen 7 is a car that runs on hydrogen though the petrol alternative. It has a dual-fuel engine that allows you to switch between hydrogen mode and fuel mode with the press of a steering wheel-mounted button.


Top Gear - BMW Z4 vs Dodge Viper

Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson pits BMW Z4 M roadster up against a Dodge Viper. Let see which’s faster?

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