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September 2009

Danica Patrick Is Staying with IndyCar

Danica Patrick is known by everybody. She is an American auto racer, model and spokeswoman. Danica started her racing career very early and became the first woman to win IndyCar race in 2008 Indy Japan 300.

Shop for Auto Insurance Wisely

Finding a good deal on auto insurance is not easy, but possible. It takes a lot of time and patience, but after everything is calculated and the final decision is made, it is easy to see how important this investigation was.

July 2009

Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

Lee Iacocca was one of America’s most famous pitchmen. American auto industry is desperate to find a person like him now to help them from sinking like Mr. Iacocca did in 1980’s when Chrysler was about to file bankruptcy.

May 2009

How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

Filing an auto insurance claim is one of these things everyone hopes they never have to do, but unfortunately some of us will have to do just that on occasion. It is never easy to deal with the aftermath of an automobile accident.

2010 Mini Cooper Crossover Is in Testing

At the 2008 Paris Auto Show the German automaker, BMW has presented an exciting concept, 2010 Mini Cooper Crossover. It is hard to imagine Mini and Crossover in one name, however, the vehicle is gaining popularity and catches attention of many journalists and BMW fans.

March 2009

Underwater Car Loans

U.S. auto dealers have sold 16.1 million vehicles in 2007. The year after the sales were down by 18% showing only 13.2 million. The statistics of the first two months in 2009 reflexes 30-50% sales drops for various manufacturers which means the sales keep slowing down.

New Auto Insurance Step by Step

Since every car has to be insured, it is important to know how to get the best coverage and what would be the right choice for a certain person. Here are a few steps that might be helpful in this situation.

Know about Your Insurance

Auto insurance is required by law in most of the states. Although car owners agree to pay for insurance, in most cases they do not know much about it: what aspects are covered, how they could save, and what are the main factors for insurance rates.

New Law Increases Payments

Auto insurance is getting really expensive in North Carolina. The new law came in effect on Jan.1 requiring every driver to have coverage for uninsured and underinsured car owners.

Limited Edition Supercar Tramontana R

Tramontana is a new European auto manufacturer that has Italian origin, but is located in Spain. It designs luxury sports cars. This year it presents a high-power supercar concept named Tramantana R.

January 2009

Auto Manufacturers Raise Foreign Countries Economy

We are already used to the thought that if a vehicle belongs to a certain manufacturer it doesn’t necessarily mean it was made in the country of its headquarters. All the big automakers have their assembly plants and auto parts facilities in different countries of the world

October 2008

2008 Los Angeles Auto Show: BMW Mini E

Next month the automotive world plans to move to Los Angeles to the 2008 Auto Show. BMW is coming there with the presentation of its first all-electric cars, Mini E.

Save Buying a Hybrid

Several years ago Toyota and Honda were the auto manufacturers who decided to build future cars which could partly use electricity and help to save on gas

Subaru Impeza Anesis

The auto manufacturers in Japan are concerned the sedans should bring them lots of profit at the Japanese market. Toyota Corolla is doing really good and now Subaru wants to have a piece of this tasty pie by bringing Impeza to the islands

2008 Paris Auto Show: Renault Megane Trophy

The French auto maker prepared a really sweet candy for this auto show in Paris. New updated Megane Trophy received additional 30 horses (360 total) comparing to the previous version.

September 2008

Volkswagen Becomes Third Biggest World Auto Seller

Volkswagen team has worked really hard during this year to increase the sales and put their vehicles to the different markets of the world.

July 2008

The GPS Auto Tracker - Your Car Security Buddy

Every time you need to make a decision, you have to study all the details involved before you can make an informed decision. If you currently don’t have a GPS system installed in your car, then you’re not a very smart individual.

What is an Auto GPS?

It used to be that having an auto GPS meant that you were among the elite, but now it is almost an essential piece to traveling in your car. These are truly the coolest thing to happen to your car since power windows and fold out cup holders.

Gadgets That Can Lower Your Texas Auto Insurance Rates

Have you already tried the standard ways of lowering your Texas auto insurance rates like choosing a high deductible and insuring all your vehicles and your home with the same company?

June 2008

GM Plans to Make 60,000 Chevrolet Volts by 2012

Sales on hybrids grow each day and auto makers do not want to lose their chance. General Motors which owns Chevrolet brand announced about the plans for the future.

May 2008 - car search engine |

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The World is Waiting for Two Lexus Hybrid Models

It is already well-known that at the next Detroit Auto Show Toyota is going to represent its third generation Prius hybrid sedan. This model which will be electric motors and powered by enlarged and enforced 1.8-liter engine has been designed to confirm the Toyota’s hybrid leadership, at least for the next few years.

Lexus LF-A Supercar Starts the Production

The supercoupe from Toyota was presented at three different auto shows. Its’ first presentation was in fall 2005 in Tokyo and then they projected the future car will cost about $100,000.

New Car Search

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