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February 2008

Apple iPhone generates 50 times more Google searches than any other mobile device

In yet another iPhone-validating statistic, Google announced at Mobile World Congress Barcelona that Google search traffic from iPhones was 50 times greater than search traffic from any other mobile device. We already knew that the iPhone sent a lot of traffic to Google, but this is just outrageous. It seems that iPhone users are addicted to Google search - and it makes sense given that the iPhone Safari browser s built-in search bar is defaulted to Google.

January 2008

Don t Set any Goals this New Year.. . Without Applying the 60-40 Rule

It s that time again the time when people traditionally set resolutions for the New Year. Have you noticed, though, that setting long-term goals doesn t work? No matter how convicted you feel about your New Year s resolutions, the more rigidly you adhere to whatever goals you ve set for yourself, the harder it will be to reach them.

September 2007

Professional car wash by your own? Not a problem any more

Washing car by your own can be very funny pastime, everything depends on the way one can organize it. Besides, it is real saving of money.The neglecting of the exterior appearance is vivid from the first sight. The tips written here aim to help you becoming a professional in the field of car washing.

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