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January 2010

How to Treat Bacterial Infections Safely?

You must be thinking about the safety of the medications, whenever you buy them. Here is how you can treat the bacterial infections safely. You can use the antibiotics to cure the bacterial infections safely. These drugs can be very helpful in the treatment of the bacterial infections.

Make Herbal Skin Care Products at Home

There were times when herbs were the only way to take care of skin. With the development of chemistry and cosmetics people started forgetting about herbs and their power to take care of overall health.

November 2009

Psychological Approach to Weight Loss

There are a lot of books written about diets, numerous websites explain how to control weight and lose extra pounds - everything shows that Americans want to look better, but in most cases this leads to nothing.

Aliens Move from District 9

An interesting science fiction film was offered by TriStar Pictures in August 2009. District 9 tells about aliens called the Prawns who landed near Johannesburg, South Africa in 1990.

Facts Behind Hair Loss In Men

Going bald is a fact of life for millions of men. Adults lose about 10,000 scalp hairs each and every day. Hair normally lives for around five years. With male pattern baldness these hairs do not always get replaced and gradually bald areas appear.

A Better Mini Laptop: the Nokia Booklet 3G

Yes, we are talking about a Nokia product. Yes, this device has 3G technology. Yes, this has a SIM card slot. No, it is not a mobile phone. If you are still reading this, and we sure bet you are, then there is no doubt that the curiosity of seeing a Nokia made laptop is just far too strong to resist.

September 2009

Top 10 Gas Sippers

If a person wants to save money while driving there is nothing better than the most fuel-efficient car available. There have been a lot of talks about vehicles which use little amount of gasoline lately.

4 Ways to Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

Life these days is all about rushing here and there, with little time for adequate physical exercise or time to prepare a healthy balanced meal. We are all filled with anxiety and stress as we strive to fulfil our work and family commitments daily.

Different Types Of GPS Devices

Over the last couple of years, the subsequent sales of in-car GPS devices have risen to twice as much as they did about two years ago. Motor vehicle Manufacturing companies are now the best target market for GPS devices.

August 2009

Weight Loss with Acai Berry

There have been a lot of talks lately about an unusual berry called acai (pronounced as ah-sah-ee). It is claimed to be a very healthy fruit which promotes weight loss. Is it a miraculously good berry or acai has simply been advertised too much?

Mens Health Issues, Fitness and Nutrition

Talking about Mens health: Research has shown that men are differently affected by health problems than women even though they may have the same disease. It is a well known fact that heart disease is much more prevalent in men than women and also more likely to be inherited if there is a history of heart related problems in the family.

Cure Impotence With your Diet

You have been worrying about it all day long. Finally, another night passes and you are still facing the same problem… you suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction! Impotence plagues almost 30 million men… young and old!

Hair Loss and Exercises

There have been doubtful talks about hair loss and exercises. Does physical activity increase the loss or does it help hair to stay healthy? In this article we will try to look at different points of view.

Why You Should Throw Away Your Hypertension Medication

The best advice I can give for high blood pressure help is you should throw away your hypertension medication! But let me first explain myself before you throw away your expensive high blood pressure pills. As a natural health expert, I tell my customers these three things about hypertension medication.

July 2009

Confused About Your Hair Loss Solution Choices?

If you are new to finding products to help you with your hair loss, you may be finding the information you encounter a bit confusing. It s really not to hard to know what will work for you.

Learn The Facts About Hair Loss And Hair Loss Remedies

The severity and nature of baldness can vary greatly; it ranges from male and female pattern alopecia, alopecia areata, which involves the loss of some of the hair from the head, and alopecia totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, to the most extreme form of baldness, alopecia universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the he

Learn More About Bacterial Infections

Bacteria are microorganisms that are not visible for naked eye. These small organisms form clusters to cause various infections. Good news for the mankind is that not all bacteria are harmful. Less than 1% of bacteria cause infections but these infections lead to malfunctioning of human organs.

Facts You Should Know About Bladder Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) can be in any part of the urinary tract - The urethra, the bladder, the ureters and the kidneys. Of these, the most common infections occur in the bladder.

Hair Regrowth For Women - How To Know What Works

It s not usually talked about very often but balding in women is a pretty common problem. Although women rarely go completely bald, their hair can get quite thin and lead to frustration and poor self image.

The Many Hats of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a normal part of life for everyone - as long as it stays normal, gradual hair loss. What about those times when we experience abnormal hair loss or more permanent hair loss?

Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang

Lee Iacocca was one of America’s most famous pitchmen. American auto industry is desperate to find a person like him now to help them from sinking like Mr. Iacocca did in 1980’s when Chrysler was about to file bankruptcy.

June 2009

Can You Cure Your Acne Without Drugs?

Acne affects about 85 percent of the population of America at some time in their life - including some adults -- it is one of the most common skin disease addressed by dermatologists.

iPod to Car Connection

If you own an iPod then you likely already know about the tons of products and add-ons that are available. There are many scenarios to choose from when it comes to connecting your iPod to your car.

Hair Loss Statistics

Hair loss affects many people in the world. Some feel uncomfortable about losing hair, the others understand that it is common and do not try to hide it. Hair loss affects both men and women of all ages.

HBO Sex and the City Show Turned into a Movie

For a while Sex and the City comedy series has been shown on HBO and finally grew into a film which tells the last story about Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her three female friends.

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