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March 2009

Regular Tune up

After a vehicle has been in use for a while, some parts become loose, damaged or misplaced, so it needs a tune up – adjusting, tightening up and replacing of the worn parts.

February 2009

Nicotine Influence on Smoker’s Body

Some smokers brag it is easy to give up smoking, but after certain time they reach for a cigarette again and again. The reason why they return to the habit is nicotine – the drug that is found naturally in tobacco. It is proven that nicotine is as highly addictive as cocaine or heroine.

October 2008

Resident Evil: Extinction – from a Video Game to a Movie

Since 1996 the world was introduced to Resident Evil. The horror video game, made by Capcom for PlayStation was filled up with zombies, monsters, unbelievable creatures and creepy places. An ordinary scary thing captured attention of millions of video game fans.

September 2008

World Famous Trilogy – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

It is needless to explain to the fans of the Tolkien’s trilogy, the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is the second part of the adventures of Frodo and his friends. It takes the audience through three storylines: Frodo and Sam continuing their trip to Mordor, Merry and Pippin escaping and meeting Treebeard and Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli coming ac

Smoking and Female Health - More Bad News

According to a recent study carried out by European researchers, female smoking is implicated with even more health hazards than was previously suspected. Norwegian scientists have revealed that smoking women have a higher incidence and earlier onset of heart disease in comparison with male smokers

August 2008

How to Cope with Psychological Consequences of Hair Loss –

Thinning hair can be a huge physiological problem, especially for women. Excessive hair loss can trigger severe stress and lead to social withdrawal, depression, low self-esteem, and a host of other conditions.

Brown Fat and Slimness - New Research

New studies published in the journal Nature have discovered that a specific type of adipose (fat) cells found in newborn babies may hold key to weight loss. Researchers speculate that these brown� fat cells may be responsible for extremely fast metabolism observed in newborns.

Effexor – One of the Best Anti-depressant Known in the Tre

Effexor is a prescription medicine that is licensed to treat depression in adults. It is a new class of anti-depressant medications that affects chemical messengers within the brain.

Propecia Results - Why Propecia Is the Best Medication to Tr

Looking for a miracle drug to stop hair loss? Try Merck’s Propecia – one of the best hair-loss medications available on the modern market! Experts say that Propecia, which was developed by the brightest minds of the pharmaceutical industry

Why Quitting Smoking – Information for Asthmatic Patients

This article is for sure not the first publication you have read about dangers of smoking for those who suffer from asthma. However, not many people know that stopping smoking may be the most important step for asthmatic patients.

How to Beat Hair Thinning – Eight Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

Everybody wants to have thick, lustrous hair, and many are willing to pay high price for brand-name hair products and high-tech medications that promise to fight baldness and help maintain a full head of healthy locks.

July 2008

What Causes Obesity – Genes or Lifestyle?

As the Americans pile their tables with more calorie-loaded meals offered by fast-food restaurants and supermarkets, scientists continue looking for genes that can hold key to wrong food choices, weight gain, and obesity-related diseases.

June 2008

Turmeric – a Natural Remedy that Can Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

Turmeric, a spicy vegetable extensively used in the Indian cuisine to prepare flavourful curries, can become a new weight loss remedy.

May 2008

Smoking Cessation Lowers Health Risks for Women – New Study

By stopping smoking, women benefit from a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and a lesser incidence of death from various smoking-related cancers. According to new results of the large-scale Nurses’ Health Study, female smoking cessation brings major health risks down by more than 20 percent!

How to Protect the Health of Hair – Nine Tips from the Pros

1. Make sure you eat a nourishing, nutrient-rich diet that can support the health of your skin and hair. Avoid frequent dieting and veganism. Eat a lot of foods that contain a complete set of amino-acids, especially meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products.

April 2008

Hair Loss during Adolescence – Possible Causes and Solutions

Usually, hair loss is not the most typical problem for healthy teenagers. However, in some cases they can experience hair shedding and even patchy baldness (alopecia areata), which usually indicates some hormonal imbalances, an illness, or other problems with internal homeostasis.

February 2008

Satellite Navigation Systems – Are They Safe?

Satellite Navigation systems has become the best thing ever invented for most US divers as now they do not have spend much time wandering around roads. For example, can you remember your life before nav era?

November 2007

2008 Hyundai Sonata – Car for Fuel Economy

In respond to high fuel prices Hyundai has introduced more four-cylinder versions of its midsize Sonata sedan. For 2008, all Hyundai Sonata models, not just the base version, are available with an economical four-cylinder engine that rates an EPA-estimated 30 mpg Highway.

2008 Phantom Drophead Coupe Modern retro Beauty

Do you want to know why new Phantom Drophead Coupe uses a cloth rather than retractable metal roof?

Honda Civic Type R - New Sports Sedan is Coming to the Market

Our expectations are coming true. Honda tuning giant Mugen will be releasing its version of the Honda Civic Type R to its home market in a limited-production run of just 300 cars.

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