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November 2007

October 2007

Marketcircle: iPhoney

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émulateur iphone pour osx

June 2007


Read HFS/+ filesystem & DMG under windows. File extractor.

January 2007


CHACHACHA est une application vous permettant de jouer avec de la vidéo, vous disposez de quatre sources videos sonores que vous pourrez modifier en temps réel, leur apparition dépend du volume sonore de chaque vidéo.

October 2006 | Tangerine

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partage de "discothèque" sur un réseau

September 2006

TNPI - DIY .mac

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Retain the useful features: Regardless of whether or not I renew my subscription, I want to retain the features I have found most useful (iDisk, iSync (between computers), iCal sharing, and Backup). Enhance the useful features: Simply retaining the useful features would be an utter failure. The most value can be found in addressing the shortcomings of each feature. For iDisk, speed and disk space are the impediments to its usefulness. iSync already works quite well. iCal sharing works well but publish and subscribe updates are terribly slow. Backup is hamstrung by the iDisk space issue.

July 2006

Live CSS editing TextMate & Safari

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EditCSS like pour Safari avec TextMate

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