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RailRoad diagrams generator

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RailRoad is a class diagrams generator for Ruby on Rails applications.

Prototype Graphic Framework

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Prototype Graphic Framework (PGF) is a framework based on prototype to display vectorial shapes inside a web browser.


Ajaxio Demo

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simple diagram drawing demo.

Open-jACOB Draw2D

Create drawings and diagrams with the free Javascript library.



Google Mapsが3Dになりました

SQL Designer

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uml2svg is an XSLT-based tool for converting XMI-compliant UML Diagrams into SVG.

Drawing Graphics with Canvas - Devmo

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firefox 1.1で採用予定のベクターグラフィクス描画機能

Keizo MEMO - + MingでFlash


Flash 輪講第 1 回資料 - KineticFusion

swf と XML を相互に変換するソフトウェアKineticFusionの紹介。

.:Scribus:. GPL Desktop Publishing and More

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Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux MacOSX, Cygwinにも対応。

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