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iphone-universal - Google Code

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Normalized CSS & HTML framework to develop iPhone webdev applications.

Kohana User Guide

CodeIgniter からのブランチ。ActiveRecordやValidationがある。

home [Ramaze]

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Ramaze is a simple, light, and modular open-source web-framework written in Ruby,

2007 - the javascript based window manager / AJAX framework

Welcome to the website, the home of yet another javascript AJAX framework and widget-collection that allows you to build dynamic web applications that are also fast and flexible.

Prototype Graphic Framework

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Prototype Graphic Framework (PGF) is a framework based on prototype to display vectorial shapes inside a web browser.

Code Igniter

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Code Igniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint



Open-jACOB is a Java rapid application development tool (RAD) based on Eclipse that enables the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that are entirely based on Java.


TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development

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TurboGears is the rapid web development megaframework you've been looking for. ドキュメントが充実している。 MochiKitを利用したweb2.0的アプリケーションも作成可能。 cool!

OpenWFE :: Home

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OpenWFE is an open source workflow engine.

Kahua|info|About Kahua


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