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06 January 2009 06:30

How the work in a office influences our health?

Albina A asked: We spend 40 or more hours at our jobs weekly. Stress, indoor air pollutants, constant sitting and so on influence health. How the work influences our health? Please share your opinion with me. It is important for

What are the disadvantages of having health care?

Matthew N asked: I know this sounds silly, but what are the disadvantages of having health care. Maybe the cost can be an issue. Are there any others?

How can I get health insurance for cheap?

timekiller asked: I am just a student, and can’t afford health insurance. I don’t wanna get into paying someone a lot of money and than end up with them only covering some health problems, or some portions. This world is so screwed ...

i have to write an occupational health plan for a local hospital - where do i start?

Deborah S asked: This is for a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science. To be written in the form of a scientific

How much is health insurance for a young married couple in good health?

JimboSlice asked: My wife and I currently have coverage with her job…but she is thinking about going part-time, which of course won’t include coverage. How much would health insurance cost us? We’re both in our mid-20’s...

How can I get group health insurance for a large group of independent contractors?

Jody H asked: I’m involved with a company that has over 50,000 independent contractors. What are my options to seek out a group health insurance plan at great savings for the independent contractors?

How's your health care system and does it break your pockets to pay for Universal Health Care?

Stellar asked: I live in America and I think we should have the health programs you have, but people here say the health care is substandard and/or the taxes to provide such services seriously cripple the pocket? Is any of this true? Thanks. If...

How can I help with health care in third world countries?

nickolaus_9881 asked: I am a college student from Detroit, Michigan and I really want to join a program that assists in health care in third world countries. A friend of mine went to Ghana to help in the hospitals there and I am looking for so...

What is the percentage of health care costs in the final months of life?

jl a asked: I have heard that 80% of health care expenditures in the US are spent in the final three months of life. This seems to be one ofthe reason that the US has higher cost of medical care than other

Do we need an unexpired health checkup report to go back to home country by air?

mildew asked: Hi. I will be going to my home country after an year and half. From Toronto to Delhi via Brussels. My health check was just valid for an year 2006-2007. So do i need to get one again to fly back? I have visited the airways website...

Any tips for nursing a poinsettia back to health?

chrisgaffrey asked: I bought a small poinsettia for Christmas, and I am surprised it has last this long. It is losing leaves but the stalks still seem good and green. And so instead of throwing it out, I was looking to bring it back to health a...

What are your favorite websites for information about health?

Jim asked: I’m working on a website about health and diet, and I’m trying to link to the best health and diet information websites. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

What is the best private health coverage plan for a foreign citizen living in australia?

Chief asked: private health coverage seems to be really expensive but also essential since i am not eligible to medicare for not being an australian citizen. I am looking for private hospital and dental coverage , from 3 to 5 years plan.thanks ...

What are your favorite websites for information about health?

Jim asked: I’m working on a website about health and diet, and I’m trying to link to the best health and diet information websites. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

What is the best health food bars - in your own opinion?

banjo_mccain asked: I am sending a care package overseas, and he is a health nut. No candy or pop. Also any other suggestions ?

What is a cheap health insurance option for entrepreneurs?

Scott M asked: Also going to Africa soon, what type of shots do you need, and how much are they if you dont have health insurance?

Are police officer pensions, health and other benefits great after 25 years of service?

Seeker1898 asked: Hi all! I’m planning on becoming a police officer and I’m already in the process of really researching the career out from top to bottom. Are police officer pensions and benefits great after 25 years of service? In...

What is a good health insurance for children with special needs?

ashley b asked: My son is on a feeding tube due to a small bowel transplant he received last year. My husband and I are returning to a full work schedule and our health insurance (Tricare) does not cover a nurse for him, or special daycare bec...

What is the best health insurance after separation from the military?

Michael C asked: What is the best health insurance after separation from the military? I am pretty healthy, and for now I’m looking to stay cheap and just cover all the bases. I’m not married, but adding a spouse eventually is impor...

What are the specific health benefits of owning a dog?

Dellajoy asked: Some guy wrote a letter to the editor complaining about people who pay so much attention to their dogs and spend money on them when there are charities that need help. Some people have written in to tell him that while they own...

What is the best health insurance for a 25 yr old married couple?

brandilou asked: My husband and I are looking for health insurance. I grew up on Blue Cross Blue Shield but I don’t know if that is an A rated company or not. Also, what benefits should I look for, what kind of deductible and what kind ...

What is the best health insurance and life insurance policies to go with?

toogood2u03 asked: I am recently out of the military and need to purchase an individual health ins policy. However, I am not sure which ones are the best. I am a student, do they offer any good student policies? Also, is the SGLI to VGLI conver...

What are some affordable Health Insurance Options in NYC for Latin American father and his child to be?

kellibris asked: My friend doesn’t have health insurance and is planning on putting his new baby (born around Oct.) on his policy with him. He’s Latin American and has his permanent residence card, but is not yet a citizen. Anyone k...

What are the health benefits to eliminating red meat from my diet?

Scorpio asked: Right now I eat everything. Im 32 yrs old and I jog regularly. I’ve been thinking about eliminating red meat from my diet, but then I know I will eat a lot of fish and foul. Is there a big benefit to my health by elimina...


Miracle asked: does anyone know any sites that i can find health programs??? in which i can found all health links such as mens health, womens health, general health, skin care, prostate health and much more in competition such as http://www.g...

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