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January 2008

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An Unofficial ASUS Eee PC EeePC 701 Community

September 2006

KeePass Password Safe

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KeePass is a free/open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a key-disk. So you only have to remember one single master password or insert the key-disk to unlock the whole database. The databases are encrypted using the best and most secure encryption algorithms currently known (AES and Twofish).

August 2006

HFS: HTTP File Server

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What is it? is file sharing is webserver is opensource is free

March 2006

The Portable Freeware Collection

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Large collection of portable apps in one download

January 2006

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A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. When your USB thumbdrive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug, none of your personal data is left behind.

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