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November 2007

Pure Mac

by 11 others is one of the first Macintosh software compendiums on the internet. Download all your Mac OS X and Classic Mac software including freeware, shareware, demos, games, updates, software for iPhone, iPod, iTunes etc.

February 2007

by 44 others is an archive of old versions of various programs.

June 2006


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Directory of plugins for Adobe & Apple

April 2006

Welkom bij, de portaalsite voor beurzen en tentoonstellingen in Belgiƫ en Luxemburg.


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A database of file extensions and the various programs that use them.

Web Developer's Handbook

by 184 others
Web Developer's Handbook is a list of essential web-sites, which make the life of web developers easier. Compiled and updated by Vitaly Friedman

wikiHow - The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit

wikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual. With your contributions, we can create a free resource that helps people by offering clear, concise solutions to the problems of everyday life.

March 2006

The Portable Freeware Collection

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Large collection of portable apps in one download

January 2006

Freeware and open source libraries Contains the CD2ISO utility


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Welcome to TinyApps.Org, a guide to very small software for your PC. Virtually all of the programs listed here are free of charge and for use under Windows (Palm and OS X pages also exist).

Archive Classic Movies

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This site is dedicated to classic movies and serials from hollywood's golden age, and will hopefully provide free and convenient access to some of these films. All movies on this site are in the public domain.

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A portable app is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and use on any Windows computer. When your USB thumbdrive, portable hard drive, iPod or other portable device is plugged in, you have access to your software and personal data just as you would on your own PC. And when you unplug, none of your personal data is left behind.

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Podcast Alley is the podcast lovers portal. Featuring the best Podcast Directory and the Top 10 podcasts (as voted on by the listeners). You will also find podcast software, the podcast forum and great podcasting info.

Podcast Pickle is another directory of audio and video podcasts. While I find it not quite as user friendly as Podcast Alley, there's still over 200 vidcasts currently listed, and I know it has a lot of fans amongst some of the podcasters we've previously featured here.

Podcast Directory

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Podcasts from Around the World

December 2005

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The place to find and share plug-ins, skins and visualizations to enhance your Windows Media experience.

by 2 others is a new guide to the best video content available for the video iPod.


The Vodcast Directory. Your source for vodcasts (video podcasts) and vlogs (video blogs).

FireANT | Not TV

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FireANT is an RSS video aggregator and media player. Subscribe to any RSS 2.0 channel and automatically download fresh media content to watch and listen to.


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49MEDIA is a magazine featuring the newest images, audio and video from weblogs

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The world map of video blogs - aka vlogs, vidcasts and video podcasts.

VLOGDIR - The Videoblog Directory

VLOGDIR is one of the easiest and fastest services to start finding, watching, downloading and subscribing to hundreds of videoblogs and vodcasts (video on demand podcasts). VLOGDIR is also a community!

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