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February 2009

July 2008


post-prod paris

April 2008

Wanderlust by Bjork - Fubiz™

Le nouveau clip de Bjork... .. Hey, .. à part la musique,.. ca défonce !!!

March 2008

Motionographer | YouTube: Secret Higher Quality Action

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Try this: When viewing a movie on YouTube, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. In addition to slight video improvement, you should also notice increased audio quality. Notice I use the word “slight.” I hope YouTube goes further than this humble baby step towards something more like Vimeo’s level of quality. There’s also a Firefox extension that supports higher-quality YouTube playback (among a list of other enhancements).


Paris, Londres et Angoulême, la société est spécialisée dans la production et distribution de programmes d'animation, de longs-métrages, et de documentaires.

December 2007

November 2007 (Objet video/quicktime)

presentation d'une agence. Get a glimpse inside Exopolis’ studio with this strange little video.

October 2007

------ billy collins--action poetry ------

videos sympathiques, oniriques, et poétiques... hic

22nd Amendment on Vimeo

un bon split screen. typo.

September 2007

Adobe - Higher Education : A Study in Motion Graphics

Integrate yourself with After Effects; one of the most powerful tools in television and film. Learn to prepare graphics for broadcast using these course materials by John Vondracek, a filmmaker and industry leader in motion graphics for over 10 years. There are 14 chapters, each covering a range of topics from animation to rendering to 3D Engines. We recommend watching them in order but feel free to jump around as needed.

August 2007

maxim zhestkov | direction, design, animation

jeux de lumières, noir et blanc, particules, formes, ça patate


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Mec assis sur une chaise. Pub genre monospace "Espace". Toyota?

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