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Keep Your Wiggle Under Control – All Bets Are Off Productions

Have you ever set up a wiggle expression, gotten a result you liked, and then added another layer into your comp – only to find it changed the wiggle animation? Or maybe you changed the layer order and your wiggle animation changed? In this tutorial, Aharon Rabinowitz, tells you why it happens and how to stop it dead in it’s tracks!




Adobe - Higher Education : A Study in Motion Graphics

Integrate yourself with After Effects; one of the most powerful tools in television and film. Learn to prepare graphics for broadcast using these course materials by John Vondracek, a filmmaker and industry leader in motion graphics for over 10 years. There are 14 chapters, each covering a range of topics from animation to rendering to 3D Engines. We recommend watching them in order but feel free to jump around as needed.

maxim zhestkov | direction, design, animation

jeux de lumières, noir et blanc, particules, formes, ça patate

YouTube - 3D morphable model face animation

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visages 3D en morphing et face reconstruction à partir de 2D. La puissance de l'outil est impressionnante. Démo symp. Ha oui, aussi, grand moment, remplacement de la tête de Tom Hanks,... par la tête de.. Tom Hanks.. en 3D. Ce qui permet de corriger son jeu d'acteur, et de remplacer ses expressions en post-production. On ne peut que souhaiter dans le futur, l'utilisation indispensable de cette technique dans ses films...


Lens Flare - Are you blogging to me?

Construire un Halo de lumière (ou Lens Flare) sous Photoshop et After Effects. Tutorial.

Neon tubes - Are you blogging to me?

Réalise ton néon sous After Effects et Photoshop. Petit tutorial

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