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slick - the last carousel you'll ever need

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- Fully responsive. Scales with its container. - Separate settings per breakpoint - Uses CSS3 when available. Fully functional when not. - Swipe enabled. Or disabled, if you prefer. - Desktop mouse dragging - Infinite looping. - Fully accessible with arrow key navigation - Add, remove, filter & unfilter slides - Autoplay, dots, arrows, callbacks, etc...

Mettez à disposition vos documents et soulagez votre bande passante

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Peer5 est un service qui vous permet de partager le download d'un fichier. En pratique, c'est un script et un bout de HTML5 à mettre sur vos pages web. Les fichiers téléchargés seront transmis à la fois par votre serveur et en même temps par les autres internautes qui récupèrent d'autres bouts de fichiers.

Prerender - AngularJS SEO, BackboneJS SEO, or EmberJS SEO

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Allow your Javascript apps to be crawled perfectly by search engines.

March 2014

Flexbox Grid

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A grid system based on the flex display property.

Scroll Depth - A Google Analytics plugin for measuring page scrolling

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Scroll Depth is a small Google Analytics plugin that allows you to measure how far down the page your users are scrolling. It monitors the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% scroll points, sending a Google Analytics Event at each one.

MessagePack: It's like JSON. but fast and small.

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It's like JSON. but fast and small. MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON. But it's faster and smaller. Small integers are encoded into a single byte, and typical short strings require only one extra byte in addition to the strings themselves.

February 2014

Stitches - An HTML5 sprite sheet generator

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Stitches An HTML5 sprite sheet generator

Sticky Plugin

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Sticky is a jQuery plugin that gives you the ability to make any element on your page always stay visible.

January 2014

trevorlinton/webkit.js · GitHub

An experimental port of WebKit (Specifically, webcore) to JavaScript aimed at running in both node.js and browsers. This is currently non-functional and is intended for developers and contributors.


gh-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more). Paying suppor

auduno/clmtrackr · GitHub

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clmtrackr is a javascript library for fitting facial models to faces in videos or images. It currently is an implementation of constrained local models fitted by regularized landmark mean-shift, as described in Jason M. Saragih's paper. clmtrackr tracks a face and outputs the coordinate positions of the face model as an array, following the numbering of the model below:

Yeoman - Modern workflows for modern webapps

Yeoman 1.0 is more than just a tool. It's a workflow; a collection of tools and best practices working in harmony to make developing for the web even better.

December 2013

BOWER: A package manager for the web

A package manager for the web

PhantomJS | PhantomJS

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PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG.

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