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March 2007

Just Friends (DVD) Review

A somewhat hilarious and charming romantic comedy, Just Friends explores the innermost depths of the infamous “friend zone” of male/female relationships. Directed by Roger Kumble, the brains behind the widely lauded film Cruel Intentions (1999), the

February 2007

Friends (Season 4) DVD Review

Winner of numerous critical awards and a perrenial fan favorite, Friends dominated the era of "must-see-TV" on NBC. Following the lives of six New York City friends in their late-twenties - Monica Geller (Courteney Cox), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa ...

January 2007

Frasier (Season 3) DVD Review

One of the most celebrated TV series of its time, Frasier follows the life of the popular Cheers character, Dr. Frasier Crane. The entire course of the show usually takes place in three settings: Frasier’s radio studio where he works alongside produce.

Trend of TV Shows on DVD

What's the best way to watch an entire day of "Friends"? Or the first season of "Magnum P.I."? How about hours upon hours of "Knight Rider," "24" and "The Sopranos"?From swish soirees to simply rot...

Dawson's Creek (Season 5) DVD Review

During its six-year run, Dawson's Creek was nominated for 12 Teen Choice Awards, making it one of the most successful original programs in WB network history. Taking place in the fictional location of Capeside, Massachusetts, the series was actua...

Toshiba Wins Hollywood Support for the HD DVD format

What led them to this choice, as all four studios stated separately, is better performance for the price and copyright protection.The other standard in competition, the Blu-ray disc, unconditionally backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, is also counti...

December 2006

CSI (Season 4) DVD Review

Ripped from the imagination of writer Anthony Zuiker, CSI follows the life of Gil Grissom (William Petersen), a quirky and oftentimes obsessive workaholic who heads up the nightshift unit of the Las Vegas Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigation .

CSI (Season 2) DVD Review

Recipient of 20 Emmy and 6 Golden Globe nominations, including Best Television Series: Drama, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) ascended to the number one spot as the highest rated series on television in the Fall of 2000. Created by Anthony Zuiker, the...

Coach (DVD) Review

Nominated for 16 Emmys and 4 Golden Globes, Coach delighted fans of all ages during its celebrated nine-season run. One of the most underrated sitcoms of its era, the series covers the exploits of fictional Minnesota State Screaming Eagles college foo...

Cheers (Season 5) DVD Review

One of the funniest TV comedies ever produced, Cheers is essential viewing for anyone who's ever frequented a hangout "where everyone knows your name". The shows focuses on a friendly neighborhood Boston bar named Cheers (the Bull &#038...

November 2006

Alias (Season 3) DVD Review

One of the highest rated shows of its era, Alias maintains a loyal cult following swept away by its intriguing suspense and action-packed drama. Jennifer Garner stars in the lead role of Sydney Anne Bristow, a beautiful and cerebral recruit tasked to w...

Alias (Season 2) DVD Review

Making its debut in September 2001, Alias immediately struck a chord among interested television viewers. The series combines the conspiracy and intrigue of The X-Files with the action and adventure of a Hollywood blockbuster. It also helps that the c...

A Charlie Brown Christmas (DVD) Review

Charles Schultz cast the gold standard of annual holiday classics with his 1965 creation of A Charlie Brown Christmas. This animated, made-for-TV special features all the familiar Peanuts characters, although I’ve always wondered why the comic strip w.

24 (Season 3) DVD Review

Originally aired in late Fall of 2001, 24 immediately built a cult following of dedicated fans and critics, establishing itself as one of the best new television series of the decade. Founding on the interesting premise that each episode should account...

Want News on TV Shows on DVD?

Want news on TV shows on DVD? Then you need to get the basics on blogging and RSS feeds, which will assist you to get news on TV shows on DVD through our web site.A blog is short for "web log" and it is a daily online journal that many web si...

I Want My Favorite TV Show on DVD

"Get Smart", "Welcome Back, Kotter", "One Day at a Time" and other classics are not yet on DVD. Where are these classics? With the explosion of TV Shows on DVD, many fans want to see their favorite TV shows to appear on DV...

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