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February 2007

5 Useful Tips On Buying Used Recreational Vehicles

Buying a used recreational vehicle can be very tricky and tedious. In fact, some people view it as a gamble. You are definitely at risk once you do not know how to choose used recreational vehicles correctly. Buying used recreational vehicles does not...

January 2007

Testing A Recreational Vehicle

So you plan on getting a recreational vehicle and hitting the road like a modern day nomad. So how do you know if this RV is the right one for you? Secondhand recreational vehicle purchases, like most secondhand purchases, are like gambling. You don’t .

Getting Value For Money With A Review Of The Recreation Vehicle

The recreational vehicle is one of the most expensive things that a person will ever buy. It is a bit cheaper than a home but more expensive than a car. Before you think of buying one, it is best to look inside to see what it offers and then make a dec...

Price Guide For Those Who Plan To Buy A Recreational Vehicle

Recreational vehicles or RV’s for short come in different shapes and sizes. A lot of people rent it when going on a road trip for the whole family. Since it offers almost the same amenities as a home, there are those who have decided to buy an RV. The.

Tips In Buying A Recreational Vehicle

Purchasing a recreational vehicle can cost $30,000 to $60,000 depending on its body style and engine type. A person has to consider different factors before buying a recreational vehicle. Here are some buying tips to ensure a safe and satisfying purcha...

December 2006

Attending Recreational Vehicle Shows

It has long been accepted that car shows can really boost the sales performance of car manufacturers. Surveys show that almost 65% of the day’s sales are generated in car shows. That is why manufacturers of recreational vehicles know that it is importa.

Low Cost Recreational Vehicles That Fit A Camper's Lifestyle

While luxury created vehicles are designed for temporary comfort for leisure trips, low cost recreational vehicle are being used mostly by retirees as their main domicile. Recreational vehicle manufacturers offers Class A, B, and C trailers that are af...

How To Test The Quality Of A Recreational Vehicle

Recreational vehicles are a must-have for families who love to travel in comfort and style. There are several options for you when traveling using a recreational vehicle. If you have the budget then you can invest in a brand new state of the art rec...

Can You Afford A Recreational Vehicle?

If you and your family are fond of traveling minus the hassle of going through airline bookings or bus hopping, then a recreational vehicle is for you. The problem is, most recreational vehicles, particularly the well-furnished ones cost an arm and a ...

November 2006

How Cheap Are Cheap RV’s?

It was in the summer of 2005 when two hurricanes swept through the gulf of the United States putting hundreds and thousands of people along the coast out of their homes. Thus, the issue of putting up immediate, cheap and affordable housing became one ...

Tips On Buying A Recreational Vehicle

Before buying a recreational vehicle, you should consider the type of motor home that will meet your lifestyle needs. You should also consider the importance of different factors such as value, usage, space requirement, and the size of the recreational...

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