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12 November 2006

Indoor Plant Gardening

[...]cs gardening is the perfect solution for anybody who wants a garden, but does not have enough space or dirt. Hydroponics gardening is, simply put, a method of growing plants using a nutrient solution instead of dirt. With [...]Tags: Indoor Gard...

Indoor Gardening Container

[...] There are no doubts about the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide properly in a hydroponics system. This becomes especially true if your nutrient reservoir is kept above 72 degrees. Warm water holds less dissolved oxygen, a[...]Tags: Indoor Gard...

Indoor Herbal Gardening

[converted to Unicode] [...]s true that we spend most of our time, almost 80% of it, in indoor spaces. We?re used to worrying about the air outdoors. We complain about pollution, gas emissions and smog. However, indoor air can be more hazardous than out[.

10 November 2006

Indoor Gardening Encyclopedia

[...] If you love fresh spaghetti sauce or pesto, than you've just got to have fresh basil and other herbs all year round! Sure, a nice 1 X 4 window garden getting at least 4 or 5 hours of direct light [...]Tags: Indoor Gardening Indoor Gardening Ency...

22 October 2006

The Indoor Gardener Article Feed

The Indoor Gardener Article Feed

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