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25 January 2007

Frasier (Season 4) DVD Review

One of the funniest and most beloved comedies of its era, the Cheers spin-off Frasier remained a lynchpin in the NBC lineup for much of the 1990s. Following the life of eminent psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane in the aftermath of his divorce from Lilith...

23 January 2007

Frasier (Season 3) DVD Review

One of the most celebrated TV series of its time, Frasier follows the life of the popular Cheers character, Dr. Frasier Crane. The entire course of the show usually takes place in three settings: Frasier’s radio studio where he works alongside produce.

10 December 2006

Cheers (Season 5) DVD Review

One of the funniest TV comedies ever produced, Cheers is essential viewing for anyone who's ever frequented a hangout "where everyone knows your name". The shows focuses on a friendly neighborhood Boston bar named Cheers (the Bull &#038...

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