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09 May 2006 12:00

Playstation 3 controller loses vibration function

Sony has confirmed that the new controller will not have vibration/rumble functionality, unlike the Dual Shock on the PS1, Dual Shock 2 on the PS2, and the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii controllers.

09 May 2006 02:00

PS3 controller details revealed!

At the end of Sony’s Playstation Pre-E3 conference, they showed the final controller for the system. It now looks exactly like the PS2 controller, only wireless, and it has 6 degrees of motion sensoring.

08 May 2006 09:00

Sega Virtua Fighter 5 is PlayStation 3 exclusive

Sega announced Virtua Fighter 5 will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3 when it is released in North America in Spring 2007. The game will feature high-definition graphics & support a 720p resolution. Virtua Fighter 5 will sport more than 15 characters.

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