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April 2009

The data: URI kitchen

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For making Opensearch icon

June 2008

PHP function isset()

Few tips and tricks about isset() in PHP

May 2008

Ajax Rain

A lot of stuff for an easy work

Zend performance

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Optimization Zend & PHP. Beware: PDF

April 2008

Microformats : comment microformater du contenu déjà existant ? - La Case de l'Oncle Tom

Article très pédagogique sur l'inclusion de microformats dans une page web. A lire.

March 2008

Use Server Cache Control to Improve Performance - apache web server settings for optimized caching with configuration files

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Caching is the temporary storage of frequently accessed data in higher speed media (typically SRAM or RAM) for more efficient retrieval. Web caching stores frequently used objects closer to the client through browser, proxy, or server caches. By storing "fresh" objects closer to your users, you avoid round trips to the origin server, reducing bandwidth consumption, server load, and most importantly, latency. This article shows how to configure your Apache server for more efficient caching to save bandwidth and improve performance. Caching is not just for static sites, even dynamic sites can benefit from caching. Graphics and multimedia typically don't change as frequently as (X)HTML files. Graphics that seldom change like logos, headers, and navigation can be given longer expiration times while resources that change more frequently like XHTML and XML files can be given shorter expiration times. By designing your site with caching in mind, you can target different classes of resources to give them different expiration times with only a few lines of code.

Travailleurs Du Web » Blog Archive » Les 10 bonnes pratiques pour une mise en ligne sereine

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Les mises en ligne sont toujours des moments délicats, que ce soit votre site perso, le site de votre client ou pour votre entreprise, une mise à jour importante voir critique… voilà donc quelques conseils accumulés par quelques années d’expérience.

Sawakin, Soudan - geo:truc

Vu sur Thalassa, une ville en pierre de corail (passer en mode satellite pour en savoir plus)

New crater found in Australia

Newly found crater in Australia, thanks to Google Maps

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April 2007

Suggestions on v2.78

JS tips for avoiding page scroll while using wheel mouse for zooming in Google Maps api.