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22 May 2006

LedLightRay : LED Faucet - Nice Look for Your Kitchen

LED Faucet: The illuminated stream of water flows into the basin and lights it and the work area in a very effective manner.

13 May 2006

The World Largest 3D LED Display

The display measures 8 metres in width, 4 metres in height and 2 metres in depth and consists of a matrix of 8.000 LEDs with table tennis balls around them.

03 May 2006

02 May 2006

LedLightRay : BION - between non-living and living matter

“Bion” is an interactive installation that explores the relationship between humans and artificial life.

23 April 2006

LedLightRay : Desktop Led Lamp: Hollywood Moon Spot

exceptional, impressive objet d’art, a lamp of first-class quality that may well be called a light sculpture...

19 April 2006

LedLightRay : THE VOS PAD - New Age Lighting in Your Apartment

Decor and mood can be dramatically altered or gently mixed by microprocessor controlled lighting systems

16 April 2006

LedLightRay : Candela LED lamps

Patented, intelligent circuitry makes Candela LED lamps illuminate automatically when lifted from the charging platter, and start to recharge as soon as they’re put back.

14 April 2006

LedLightRay : TwistTogether Lamp

Modular televsion-like lamps, from Brooklyn-based design studio Glide, cast an appealing mood light.

12 April 2006

08 April 2006

LedLightRay : Glass Wall at Morimoto

Each glass bottle is fitted with an LED light that renders the simple installation into a multi-media show

05 April 2006

LedLightRay : Industrial Design Led Lamp

Designed to project an image of solidity and robustness

03 April 2006

LedLightRay : Lighted Slippers

Now you can easily move handsfree around a darkened house reducing the risk of tripping over objects or running into doors, furniture or anything not easily seen in the dark.

29 March 2006

LedLightRay : White Light

Red laser beams, light projections, and blinking LED’s, irritate our sight, as the artist transforms the automatic process of seeing into a definite experience.

27 March 2006

LedLightRay : Galleria Fashion Store - Seoul

Arup Lighting in Amsterdam have transformed the Galleria into a perpetually changing, light-reactive and computer-programmable radiant surface

LedLightRay : Balloon Lamp

The BalloonLamp is based on the Japanese Chochin; a portable lamp which was illuminated by candlelight, from the EDO period

26 March 2006

LedLightRay : SolarCap Light Emitting tile

The SolarCap system consists of modular, self-contained lighting devices that can be used for decorative or traffic flow purposes - powered only by solar energy.

24 March 2006

LedLightRay : John Madejski Garden

John Madejski Garden: Great pieces from the transvision night was a responsive LED sculpture by United Visual Artists.