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04 January 2006

Akihabara News - MP3 player iPOD-style

呢d 老翻 ipod 實在太吸引啦...

1957 BMW Isetta 250

This car is cute!!!

30 December 2005

Revolutionizing Retail

Is this way of retailing coming to HK?

no-joe blog » AXE 方塊遊戲廣告

一個賣 showergel 的好廣告~

29 December 2005

hippocamp v1.8

Nice music!!!

28 December 2005


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【楽天市場】醤油内蔵調味箸(2膳):夢みつけ隊 ONLINE SHOPPING

咁o既筷子, 不如整到一邊加鹽一邊加古月粉丫~

Van Eck phreaking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

真係估唔到用 CRT o既 electromagnetic emission 都可以 eavesdropping!!!

27 December 2005

Sand game

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玩泥沙其實都好好玩ga~~ =)

21 December 2005

spaced penguin

One of my favorite flash game!

Why you should continue to date me; a series of charts and graphs. by Joel A. Friesen

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Why you should continue to date me; a series of charts and graphs.

make your own speech bubble!

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Make your own speech bubble!

Ricci Adams\'

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一個好好的flash site 俾大家去學樂理~

16 December 2005

..::littleoslo::..::Blog::.. » Blog Archive » 《應昌佑 Charles》有甚麼賣點?| CD

9up 講o既 comment 實在太正啦: "唔夠錢出碟整封面出聲啦!唔係搞到咁下嘛?!" "特別係應昌佑隻碟...用MS Word+小畫家o黎整o架?! " 睇落個唱片封面又真係好似喎~~~

11 December 2005

Can you grow cress in a keyboard??

Start planting on your keyboard!!!

10 December 2005


Hot air balloon flash game

Samorost 2

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一個好好玩o既 online flash adventure game o既續集, 咁好玩你冇理由唔玩ga ho~

09 December 2005

Holiday Snowglobe

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Virtual Flash Snowglobe

Arbitrary Font Images -

Add icons to the menu items in your ipod nano!

>>P22 | Free Snowflake Font

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Some free snowflake font~

BoardGameGeek - Serving the Board Game Community Since January 2000

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A website for board game lovers! There are so many good board games that you can't fill all of them in your cabinet!

04 December 2005

Veer: Ideas: Wallpaper

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Lots of wallpapers in different sizes~

Original Diamond And Gold Game Boy

A really expensive Game Boy! 外殼用黃金及鑽石造的 Game Boy!!