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November 2006


These podcasts are created by the students at the Charles F. Patton Middle School. Each can be downloaded from these pages for your listening on a computer. If you have iTunes, you may download the program to an mp3 player and take the show on the road! We hope you enjoy our collection of programs. We have a few more in production at this time, so come back and see what is new, or subscribe by clicking on the button below and we will send them to you when they are completed.

October 2006

Podcast directory for educators, schools and colleges

Welcome to educators everywhere. This is the first UK directory and the best website to find podcasts for educational use from 300 podcast channels - ideal for activities with children, young people and educational professionals.

The Wild Classroom

Great site with videos, lesson plans, and resources for biology. You can easily subscribe to the video podcasts from the home page. Topics include: Taxonomy and Classification, Cell Biology,Behavior,Biodiversity,RNA and DNA,Ecology,Development,Genetics,Immunology,Physiology,Plant Biology

Podcast channel: The Write Kit Video Podcast

The Write Kit is an interactive DVD Video for Key Stage 3 creative writing students studying the National Curriculum (England). With this video podcast and you'll receive weekly instalments previewing one of the exercises on the DVD: 'The Bomb'. This has been devised and written by Michael Symmons Roberts, winner of the 2004/5 Whitbread Prize for Poetry. The podcasts are produced by 186 Media, a multimedia production company specialising in educational resources and based in the UK


Mathcasts can Help students learn & review math. Help teachers collaborate & improve their teaching. Help parents help their children and enable them to see examples of their childrens' work. was created to give students a library of math tutorials and problem solutions and to give teachers a place to share their methods for teaching & learn from others. It's also a place where students & teachers can contribute and organize sets of movies for others or themselves to use.