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June 2008


interactive clock great for whiteboard

April 2008


SpellBEE is a new kind of spelling activity from Brandeis University. Each time you play, you will be able to choose a partner and play a word game with them. It's fun! Teachers can sign up for a free account for their class!

October 2007

Time for Kids |Around The World | Mexico

Colorful festivals, ancient pyramids and a bustling capital city are just a few of Mexico's attractions. Take a look. Sightseeing Guide - Mexico Fact File - Mexico Native Lingo - Mexico History Timeline - Mexico Challenge - Mexico Post Cards Other Continents/Countries Available via the left Menu.

Earth and Space Interactive

This interactive presentation consists of the following animations: the rotation of the Earth in space through 24 hours, showing day and night the orbit of the Earth around the sun explaining the different seasons the orbit of the moon around the Earth illustrating the phases of the moon By carrying out the activities in this lesson pupils will understand: why we have day time and night time on planet Earth why we have the different seasons why the moon appears a different shape over the month

The SunTracker

The SunTracker The SunTracker is a program that lets you see where the Sun is in the sky at any time of day, anywhere in the world. Just click on a date, choose a place and click on the pink button. If you want to see the movement slower just change the speed. For example, you might want to see what the North Pole in January looks like (very dark). Or you could see Liverpool, Britain and Sydney, Australia on the same day to compare how much sunlight we all receive

March 2007

Time Problems using Clocks and Calendars

This section is all about math as it applies to the passing of time. Beginning with reading clocks and drawing their hands, we move into clock differences, calendar exercises and conversion between units of time.

Calendar Problems

This worksheet presents a single calendar and asks the student questions that require reading individual word problems, consulting the calendar and performing basic math operations.

December 2005

Willy the Watchdog

Q: What kind of dog can tell time? A: A WATCHDOG! Click BEGIN to play the game Help Willie the Watchdog tell time.

October 2005

Jude e-Clock

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Nice interactive clock for whole class teaching

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