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Kinetic City:

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Standards based science games that make learning fun! Sponsored by American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Exploratorium Digital Library: Browse by Topic

The Learning Resource Collection Digital Library contains the following: * Images, video, audio, Web interactives and articles * Hands-on activities * Exhibit descriptions to help plan field trips * Teaching tips * Correlations to national and state curriculum standards

AOL@SCHOOL Jr.: For Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade -

AOL@SCHOOL Useful directory of links to activities for all subject areas.

Return to the Ice Age - The La Brea Exploration Guide

Get ready to explore the world of Rancho La Brea--one of the world's most famous fossil sites. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the La Brea Tar Pits is home to over three million fossils from the last Ice Age. It was here that huge mammoths, fierce sabertoothed cats, and giant ground sloths became trapped and entombed in the asphalt that has been seeping out of the ground for the past 40,000 years. Discover and explore how these "tar pits" formed, what types of plants and animals became trapped, and how scientists have used these fossil deposits to open a window into the world of prehistoric Los Angeles.

Lake Champlain Basin Atlas

The Lake Champlain Basin Atlas by the Lake Champlain Basin Program contains more than 40 full-color maps about the Lake Champlain Basin, articles about the maps, photographs, and a glossary. Extra resources, such as website links, manuals, and factsheets are also available. This 2004 version is loaded with lots of new information, many revised maps, and a new Students and Educators page!

Funny animals - Pictures and video clips

Our philosophy is that the more we learn about animals, the more we respect them and take better care of them. Do you want to learn something new every day about animals? On this frequently updated page you will find information and news about animals. You can even add "animal of the day" to your own site (read more)

How Products Are Made

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How Products Are Made explains and details the manufacturing process of a wide variety of products, from daily household items to complicated electronic equipment and heavy machinery. The site provides step by step descriptions of the assembly and the manufacturing process (complemented with illustrations and diagrams) Each product also has related information such as the background, how the item works, who invented the product, raw materials that were used, product applications, by-products that are generated, possible future developments, quality control procedures, etc.

Pathways for K-12 Teachers - The National Science Digital Library

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Top Picks are recommended by the Library's education staff for K-12 teachers. Selected resources include NSDL Pathways Projects that are specialized collections of educational content and services for broad communities of learners within specific domain areas.

The Biology Corner

Excellent teacher created site for hs biology students. Many interactive resources linked to units of study. May be useful for elementary and middle school teachers depending upon the topic.


NSDL Middle School Portal: Science Pathway

A collection for the finest online resources to help you and your students thoroughly explore a teachable topic. Locate resources for your current units easily!

Learn.Genetics from the Genetic Science Learning Center

Interactive site for investigating genetics. Beginner to advanced topics.Try the Basics and Beyond Topic or the Biotechniques Virtual Laboratory, or the Do it Yourself Genetic Research module.

Nutrition Explorations

Engaging online activities for the nutrition/food unit. Little D the Dragon: Help him get through the maze and get to the banquet on time! Arianna and Marcus: Join them on their amazing expedition! Can you help them make nutritious choices? Monster Nutrition: A new interactive game. Feed the Monster! Shopping List: Download this helpful list and fill in the blanks. Lets go Shopping! Nutrition Tracker: Record your meals and then compare your servings. Score!

NASA Earth Observatory

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Accompany NASA scientists as they explore our world and unravel the mysteries of climate and environmental change.

Talk.Origins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy

The Talk.Origins Archive is a collection of articles and essays, most of which have appeared in at one time or another. The primary reason for this archive's existence is to provide mainstream scientific responses to the many frequently asked questions (FAQs) that appear in the newsgroup and the frequently rebutted assertions of those advocating intelligent design or other creationist pseudosciences.

Top Ten Myths About Evolution

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Can you think of any other myths not mentioned here.

Gorilla Quest Game

Journey into the jungles of Rwanda and follow the tracks of a gorilla family. Collect clues along the way but watch out for the obstacles.

Cell Organelles

These interactive pictures show a plant and an animal cell with organelles labelled. They prepare you to use a microscope to observe and identify cells in living tissue.


My Life as an Elk (National Museum of Wildlife Art)

This is an animated storybook about a newly born elk's first year of life. The story begins with the spring birth of a healthy elk calf and continues through the herd's winter migration.

ScienceMystery:Info for Teachers

Nine engaging, interactive science mysteries combining logical thinking and problem solving.Mysteries span grades 5-12. Have a look!

Strange Dead Bird - Science Mystery

"Strange Dead Bird" is an interactive mystery. Can you figure out what this strange dead bird has to do with our disappearing wetlands?

DragonflyTV . Games |

Put on your thinking cap and try your hand at these fun science games

Science Labeling

Memory, labeling, and science vocabulary Where's the earth's crust? What are a flower's anthers? Study the diagram and then fill it out from memory.

Mysteries of Apo Island

Some strange things are happening on Apo Island, in the Philippines. Investigate the clues and try to solve the mystery! Learn about shark biodiversity.

Squish the Fish

Help Squish the Fish travel out across the reef to find his lunch. He needs to find friends who will help him hide from his nemesis, BigTooth Blob. Learn about shape, color, and behavioral adaptations for survival. Has audio and narrative is in rhyme.