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December 2005

Flasks and Graphs

Visual tool for seeing how the filling of various containers graphs over time.

October 2005

Addition Surprise

Practice addition facts by dragging sums to the correct spot on the chart. See if you can reveal the whole picture puzzle. Could be a whole class activity

E-Example 4.5.2: Learning About Number Relationships

Number relationships and patterns using a calculator and hundreds board. Lesson materials and interactive tools available through the links.

Again and Again: Student

An investigation involving fractions and decimals. Teacher instruction required first.

Counting Stick

This is a great whole class tool for counting activities. Choose a starting point and a pattern (ie 4) then click play. Clicking watch reveals the next number. Click hints for more info.

Place Value Tool

Make numbers to 999 by clicking on the cards. Whole class tool.

Equivalence Tool

Demonstrator for the equivalence of decimals, percentages and fractions. Great for whole class.

Space Jumps

Complete these addition facts by first making 10 then adding the difference. Students will need instruction to understand the game. Good for mental arithmetic

Behind the Blob game

Great number sequence game for whole class instruction. Allows for a variety of patterns that are teacher selected.

Virtual Counting Stick

Virtual Counting Stick can be used as a tool to demonstrate and help children visualize counting on and back. Click quit button for detailed info.

Comparing fractions and percentages activity.

An interactive exploration to compare fractions and percentages using a pizza, candy bar, measuring cup, and group of people. Good whole class activity or small group.

NCTM : Illuminations : Fraction Model I

This tool explores several representations for fractions with equivalent decimals and percents Use circles, rectangles, or sets to illustrate the fraction./ See fraction models II, III, and IV for more options. Whole class tool. with lesson plan.

The Decifractator

Explore relationships between fractions and decimals with this interactive tool. Whole class tool.

Number Gym: Adding Fractions

Intro activity for adding fractions.

The Number Gym:Multiplication Grid

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Learning the multiplication tables is made fun by testing yourself against your previous best score and the clock. When it gets too easy doing them in order, we mix them up! Use whole class or alone.

The Number Gym: Near Tens

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Learn to add and subtract multiples and near-multiples of 10 in your head using a graded set of activities on a 10x10 number grid with helpful popups along the way.

The Number Gym: On the Line

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Flexible whole class tool for adding/subrtracting. Helps students see patterns. Teachers should explore the home page to evalate for future purchase.

Flash Math: Follow the Rules

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You must follow the rules to get through the maze. Choose easy, medium, hard. Improve your mental math addition and subtraction problem-solving with this game! Demonstrate with projector for whole class in lower grades.

Weekly Brain Teasers

Sharpen your thinking skills for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.

September 2005


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Whole class intereactive tool for equivalent fractions. Includes Game which can be played individually or as a class,

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