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10 December 2005 13:30

Scholastic's Global Classport

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With Scholastic's Global Classport, you can communicate with classrooms in 182 countries, and collaborate with teachers around the world. Note: Remember that your username must include "_scholastic" . Use to connect with other classrooms to solve Math Maven's Mysteries

10 December 2005 13:15

Math Maven's Mysteries

This content resource is an index of links to interactive sites, challenging students to solve mysteries using a variety of math principles. Students read the stories, solve the problems, and answer the questions, using clues embedded in the stories to discover the solution. Included are links to a variety of teacher resources.

26 October 2005 08:15

Disguise Combos

How many disguises can you make for each character. Do you notice a pattern?

26 October 2005 08:00

Behind the Blob game

Great number sequence game for whole class instruction. Allows for a variety of patterns that are teacher selected.

22 October 2005 13:30

The Frustrated Farmer

Help the farmer get the chicken, the fox, and the corn across the river without anything being eaten!

14 October 2005 09:00

Weekly Brain Teasers

Sharpen your thinking skills for grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.