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18 February 2007

Return to the Ice Age - The La Brea Exploration Guide

Get ready to explore the world of Rancho La Brea--one of the world's most famous fossil sites. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the La Brea Tar Pits is home to over three million fossils from the last Ice Age. It was here that huge mammoths, fierce sabertoothed cats, and giant ground sloths became trapped and entombed in the asphalt that has been seeping out of the ground for the past 40,000 years. Discover and explore how these "tar pits" formed, what types of plants and animals became trapped, and how scientists have used these fossil deposits to open a window into the world of prehistoric Los Angeles.

First People: 1600-1750

Vermont Historical Society...includes info on the Abernaki and Contact Period. Click on the side menu to navigate this topic.

What's The Point? Identifying Flint Artifacts

Use this guide to help identify different tools by answering yes/no questions about its features.

Ohio Archeology

Depicts American Indian lifeway scenes from the six major archaeological periods in Ohio

Turning Points of Wisconsin Lesson Plan: Teaching with The Mammoth Mystery

This is a lesson plan to accompany the student activity: mystery of the Mammoth. The Mammoth Mystery is a virtual narrative of how a mammoth bone in the collection of the Kenosha County Museum led to the rediscovery of a significant archaeological site in Kenosha County. The cutmarks on this mammoth femur proved that Paleo-Indian people were living in Wisconsin between 10,000-12,000 years ago, much earlier than most archaeologists had believed possible.

10 February 2007

Timeline of Native American Cultures in Nebraska

Brief summary of paleo, archaic, woodland, and contact periods

Mammoth Mystery

Discover archelogy clues about the Paleo-Indians and the Wooly Mammoth

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