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Singing Science Records

Science songs on topics of space,energy &motion, weather, and nature. Right click, choose "save Target As" to download the MP3. Songs are definitely dated, but older students and music teachers may enjoy updating the music style, perhaps to a rap tempo or, be inspired to create their own songs. Good resource for differentiation.


Experiment making music


Flocabulary Hip-Hop Music for the Classroom

Learn 26 high powered vocabulary words in this one song! Download to to your ipod! Download lyrics and definitions too! (Only one song is actually free)


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Find some sounds you like. Record sounds, compose songs, listen to music, make remixes... all through this browser window.


Patriotic Melodies (I Hear America Singing, Library of Congress)

Patriotic Melodies tells the stories behind many of the songs that have now become part of the American national heritage.

Musical Clangagain

Try different letters on the keyboard to make music and animations