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04 March 2007 10:45

Planet Earth :: Animals Guide

Discovery Channel's companion Animal guide to the Planet Earth Series. Read about animals that inhabit the earth's diverse habitats.

18 February 2007 01:15

Prehistory to the Present Timeline

Interactive time line showing receding glaciers in North America

11 February 2007 12:15

Field Trip Earth

Field Trip Earth focuses on field-based wildlife conservation research projects ongoing around the world. Some of the projects are "live," meaning that research activities, and one or more research scientists, are currently active in the field. These projects are featured prominently on the site. Projects that are not "live" are archived so that students can continue to access the relevant articles, photos, videos, and other materials.

27 January 2007 14:30

Biology of Plants

Covers topics such as growing, plant parts, pollination, food production, seeds, and adaptations

What's it Like Where You Live

Biomes, freshwater, and marine ecosytems perfect for elementary and early middle school students

15 December 2006 10:30

NSDL Middle School Portal: Science Pathway

A collection for the finest online resources to help you and your students thoroughly explore a teachable topic. Locate resources for your current units easily!

11 November 2006 13:00

..::The Hobby Shop::..

Engaging, Interactive science simulations. Explore projectile motion, chemistry, rocketry, a virtual microscope, and complete experiments based on the Periodic Table. Good for enrichment. Teacher resources available.

05 November 2006 12:00

The Breathing Earth

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Online simulation showing the birth, death rates, and effects of carbon dioxide emissions by various countries. Great for classroom discussions.

25 October 2006 10:30

The Wild Classroom

Great site with videos, lesson plans, and resources for biology. You can easily subscribe to the video podcasts from the home page. Topics include: Taxonomy and Classification, Cell Biology,Behavior,Biodiversity,RNA and DNA,Ecology,Development,Genetics,Immunology,Physiology,Plant Biology

12 October 2006 12:45

03 October 2006 18:00

29 September 2006 10:15

Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body: Education

Explore the following three online activities that will whet your appetite to learn more about various forensic developments, techniques, and careers!

18 November 2005 11:30

ScienceMystery:Info for Teachers

Nine engaging, interactive science mysteries combining logical thinking and problem solving.Mysteries span grades 5-12. Have a look!

Strange Dead Bird - Science Mystery

"Strange Dead Bird" is an interactive mystery. Can you figure out what this strange dead bird has to do with our disappearing wetlands?

02 November 2005 09:45

Mysteries of Apo Island

Some strange things are happening on Apo Island, in the Philippines. Investigate the clues and try to solve the mystery! Learn about shark biodiversity.

21 October 2005 13:30

Distance Time Graph

This is an awesome resource for students learning about speed and distance time-graphs. Uses graphs synched with video of soccer/football players during a game.

26 September 2005 09:15

Secrets at Sea

Ace on the Case: Secrets @ Sea is an online curriculum-based adventure story for grade 4-7 students covering topics in Ocean Science.

24 July 2005 11:30

NatureScene Virtual Field Trips

Pack your computer for a virtual tour from a wide selection of nature spots across the country. Investigate wildlife inhabitants in Who Lives Here and view narrated movie clips on your virtual tour of America. Includes Northeast Kingdom in Vermont

14 July 2005 16:00

Blueberry Farm

Blueberry Farm is a computer program that models a simple ecosystem. It was designed to be used as part of a sequence of science lessons aiming to help Yr7 pupils understand more about the use of chemical agents in farming and how these can affect ecosystems.

14 July 2005 13:30

Animal Diversity Web

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Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan