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28 October 2005 08:45

Wabbit Words

Read the sentence and then find a carrot with the appropriate number, e.g. 'Less then 26' choose ANY carrot that is less than 26.

28 October 2005 08:30

Fairy House: Add 9

The fairy wants to get into the houses, collect the keys by adding 9 to the number on the door. Do this by adding 10 and taking away 1.

Soccer Ball

Kick the ball that is 10 less than the number on the goalie's shirt! Headphones needed!

28 October 2005 08:00


A demonstrator for the use of number lines.Includes a game for adding two 2-digit numbers together by adding the tens first. Answer 5 questions correctly and you can play the flying game. Good for mental Math. Teacher directions needed.

Space Jumps

Complete these addition facts by first making 10 then adding the difference. Students will need instruction to understand the game. Good for mental arithmetic

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