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December 2005

Create a Graph

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Online Graphing tool with ability to download as image

Flasks and Graphs

Visual tool for seeing how the filling of various containers graphs over time.

ClassZone - Math Thematics Book 3

Web site for Grade 8 math. Includes e-tutorials

ClassZone - Math Thematics Book 2

Web site for Grade 7 math. Includes e-tutorials

ClassZone - Math Thematics Book 1

Web site for Grade 6 math. Includes e-tutorials

Mathmatical Toolkit

In collaboration with Intel and The Mathematical Association, the Mathematical Toolkit and Number line have been designed specifically to support the teaching and learning of mathematics for

Discovering the Value of Pi

The students will measure the diameter and circumference of many circles and will estimate their relationship. By doing so, they should discover the approximate value of pi. By discovering it on their own they should feel rewarded and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concept of pi.

Math Through Culture:Culturally-Situated Design Tools

Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles. This software will help students learn standards-based mathematics as they simulate the original artifacts, and develop their own creations.

NCTM : Illuminations Lessons

Interactive Math tools for grades for K-12. Accompanied by lesson plans and NCTM standards

November 2005

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Library of Java Applets aligned to math strands and standards. Many items similar to Investigations software. Click Grade level for specific strand.

October 2005

Math Tools Grade 4

Use the Math 4 Topics dropdown box to filter the results

Meet the Graphs

A brief slide show introducing a spreadsheet and pie/bar graphs. Appropriate for gr4-5

September 2005

More Than Math

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More Than Math integrates the visual arts into the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade mathematics curriculum using works of art to explore pattern, symmetry, proportion, perspective, balance and geometric form

July 2005

Project Interactivate

The goals of Project Interactivate are the creation, collection, evaluation, and dissemination of interactive Java-based courseware for exploration in science and math.

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