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May 2007


Experiment making music

September 2005

Literacy Center

Practice uppercase/lowercase letters, shape recognition, writing, words, numbers, colors. Some spelling by trial and error.

Q-Bee and Friends

Games for children up tp 7years old. Word and letter, shape and color, and number games. Simple repetitive format.

Pedestrian Lights

Click the mouse or click the keys and learn out pedestrain signals

Traffic Lights

Control the traffic lights with the mouse or keyboard

Musical Clangagain

Try different letters on the keyboard to make music and animations

Alphabet Bang Game

Use the keyboard or mouse to explore the alphabet. Teacher may need to help students get to the game window.

Daily Weather Chart

Click on the red buttons to select the weather, day, and date!

Letter Lifter

Type the first letter sound for items on the conveyor belt

Dance Mat Typing - Learn to type

by 1 other
Full typing program with 4 levels. Choose full screen version.

Animal Soundscape

Make your own scoundscape with animal sounds. Choose full screen mode. Adult help to start.

Transport Snap Game

Matching Game: choose Full Screen Mode Choose Space Bar Game Choose Type of matching (photo, symbol, audio) Press space bar when there is a match

Tikkabilla Blockabilla

Match numbers, colours and shapes; enhancing their memory, co-ordination and keyboard skills. Choose full screen. Requires arrow keys

July 2005

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