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June 2008

Inventors of the Industrial Revolution

Interactive site about Inventors of the Industrial Revolution. Good for DI. These interactive lessons will help students grasp the background and impact of the inventors of the Industrial Revolution. The activities include a timeline and some basic facts so students build a context of historical events and every day life in the time period. The Invention information and activities are divided into categories: Agriculture Textile Steam and Steel Transportation Technology These categories span nineteen pages of activities, followed by an interactive quiz. Some invention pages and the About page include links to outside sites (with an arrow and link icon) for further investigation. These sites open in a new window so you can visit them at any time in the course of a lesson without losing your place in the activities. Requires flash.

March 2007

Coalbrookdale Online Census from

Coalbrookdale, a small town in Shropshire, England, was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution: a place of blast furnaces, roaring forges and busy factories. Its iron bridge (right) – the very first ever made – still attracts visitors from all over the world. Was Coalbrookdale a hell on earth? Or was it an industrial wonderland? You can decide for yourself by interacting with the 1861 Census (government survey). A search engine allows you to ask your own questions, rather than just read through sources in the textbook. What jobs did people have? Were houses overcrowded? Did many children go to school? You're the detective!

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