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September 2007

NOAA Ocean Explorer

Find multimedia resources such as video, podcasts, photos and over 240 lesson plans for grades 5-12.

NOAA Learning Objects

NOAA learning objects View Lesson 1 - Plate Tectonics View Lesson 2 - Mid-Ocean Ridges View Lesson 3 - Deep-Sea Corals View Lesson 4 - Subduction Zones View Lesson 5 - Chemosynthesis and Hydrothermal Vent Life View Lesson 6 - Deep-Sea Benthos View Lesson 7 - Water Cycle View Lesson 8 - Ocean Currents View Lesson 9 - Ocean Waves View Lesson 10 - Tides View Lesson 11 - Energy from the Oceans View Lesson 12 - Food, Water, and Medicine from the Sea View Lesson 13 - Ocean Pollution View Lesson 14 - Hurricanes View Lesson 15 - Seamounts Each video contains a related activity and topic. OUTSTANDING!

Windows Movie Maker 2 - Movies

Welcome to our FREE tutorial series on Windows® Movie Maker 2. Windows Movie Maker 2 lets you create, edit, and share your movies right on your PC. It's easy to use, yet it provides powerful capabilities that rival those of expensive computer editing packages.

The Rota Period | Rotas Period | A new periodic table

A different kind of periodic table--all interactive. There is a pdf for an explanation.

Post Lecture Notes Online for Free with LectureShare - LectureShare

This is a free and easy site for teachers to post work online. Create a course page quickly, add announcements, upload docs, video and audio. Students enroll and decide how they want to receive the info.

Complete Planet Search Engine

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A comprehensive listing of dynamic searchable databases. Find databases with highly relevant documents that cannot be crawled or indexed by surface web search engines.

Using Apostrophes Tutorial

Interactive tutorial for use of possessive and contracted apostrophes

Student News - Stories and Video from

The Student News portal from CNN provides articles and videos on top USA or International News. Free of advertising. Also available as an RSS feed for your webpage.

August 2007

Students and teachers can create educational games, activties and diagrams in a Flash! Host or link them on your own blog, website or intranet!Take a look at the examples. Many are MS/HS content but easily applied to elementary grades. Great way to differentiate! Interactive whiteboard is not required!

July 2007

Singing Science Records

Science songs on topics of space,energy &motion, weather, and nature. Right click, choose "save Target As" to download the MP3. Songs are definitely dated, but older students and music teachers may enjoy updating the music style, perhaps to a rap tempo or, be inspired to create their own songs. Good resource for differentiation.

Stop Disasters

Use your critical thinking and problem solving skills to minimize the imapct of various natural disasters such as hurricane, earthquake, tusnami, flood, and wildfire. Geared for middle and high school students with 3 levels of play. Takes 10-20 minutes per game.


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FlickrStorm is a better search for Flickr! It works by looking for more than what you enter to find related and more relevant images... Be suprised! ... and check back here for more magic in the future.

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Welcome to video-tutes free video tutorials, we hope that you enjoy your time with us. The free tutorial video's cover a wide range of industry standard software such as Photoshop cs2 & 3, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash 8 and Flash 8 video, Adobe Premiere pro and more, 22 titles in fact! All presented in a free video tutorial format. Our tutorial video collection is designed to help beginners and those wishing to learn new software to become productive faster & those wanting to advance their skill set.


MyPlace is a comprehensive exploration of our current world. It encourages students to find their place today and where they want to be tomorrow. Students will engage in a year-long exploration that seeks to help them find their place in this changing world. We hope that they can make inspired choices about how to use their school years as well as venture into their adult lives with confidence and enthusiasm. For additional information and background, see: * Paths for Teachers * About the Teachers’ Place * CEQALL

Flash tutorials: animation, actionscripting, cool design in Flash, creating flash ad banners, learning the basics of Macromedia Flash, preloaders, sound, and more! is a Macromedia Flash tutorials site, built for you to learn easily how to create cool Flash sites. Here, you will find how to make every nice flash effect you've seen on the web, step-by-step, from the ground up. You will find detailed descriptions of every ActionScript bit of code, design procedures and more. I made tutorials for Flash 8 and Flash MX. Please, continue reading the next two sections to see why.

Photoshop Tutorials / Good-Tutorials

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5,795 Photoshop Tutorials. Tutorials also available for Flash, Illustrator, and more


Freshman English class online. Students maintain a journal, publish all assignments online, and contribute to a classroom wiki.

Google Earth Outreach - Showcase

Google Earth Outreach Showcase Many public-minded groups and individuals are using Google Earth to bring a valuable geographic context to their stories. These examples will show you what others have done with Earth, and hopefully get some ideas flowing for what you might be able to do yourself.

June 2007

Math Samples

Various uses of technology for math. Take a look at the Free Fonts and Clipart available for download.

PicLens: Discover More

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PicLens delivers an immersive full-screen experience for viewing photos on the Web. ~ Any film in any language.

Add captioning to any video!--including other languages.....Lots of educational uses!

DailyLit: Read books by email and RSS.

Read the classics in your RSS reader. Get he installments (chapters) daily, on weekdays only, or on M-W-F.

MathSite: An Interactive Source for Seeing, Hearing, Doing Mathematics

The exhibits of the MathSite are intended for people of all ages who are interested in or are curious about mathematics. No specialized mathematical knowledge or expertise is assumed.