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iamliterate wiki

Great resource for teachers in understanding 21st century skills and the tools available.


shorewiki ยป American Dream Movie

An example of a teacher's use of a wiki at the high school level. This page outlines a movie project for high school english. A sample project

Technology for Differentiated Instruction

The primary purpose of this wiki is to collect and share resources that link computer and information technology with differentiated instruction. Please add and annotate links, fix or remove broken links, and add to annotations or descriptions based on your experiences.

Tech Dossier: Wikis as Collaborative Tools

Short slide show highlighting the use of wikis in terms of participation, teacher redirection, student created help centers, and authenticity.

AP English Wiki

Example of a wiki used for AP English

The Sketchup Wiki

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Resources for using Sketchup including tutorials


Mathcasts Wiki

A growing library of mathcasts. Mathcasts are recorded movies created with a smart board with audio narration. Students can see and hear how a given problem is solved. Resources available for Grades 1-12.


Online PowerPoint Presentation on using Wikis in the classroom. An excellent guide.

AP World History Wiki

An example of a well-organized wiki developed around AP WH review topics. Note how you can review the revision history and compare to previous versions. Click the history tab to try it

Pre-Cal 40S Wiki Solutions Manual -

Great use of a wiki for a high school pre-calculus class. Note the guidelines for "constructive modification". This idea good be extended across the curriculum. What a way to differentiate!