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01 January 2007 12:00

Tools For Understanding

For the past seven years, Professor John Woodward and his colleagues at the University of Puget Sound have been creating materials for this unique site. Designed as a way to bring together resources to assist mathematics teachers at a variety of skill levels, the site is divided into four primary sections. The first stop for first-time users should definitely be the "Math Concepts" area. Here, educators can learn about how to introduce spreadsheets and data tables into the curriculum. Additionally, there are subsections within this area that provide detail-oriented plans on how to integrate prime numbers, functions, and fractions into lesson plans. Perhaps the true gem on this site is the section that discusses how math teachers can use journaling to get students thinking in different and creative ways about understanding various aspects of mathematics.

Pre-Algebra, Algebra, & Geometry

Billings Public Schools Math Video Project. Math videos produced by high school teachers and aligned with their textbooks. Ongoing project but many videos available.

15 December 2006 01:15

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Excellent collections of math links with very organized sets of tags...Everything is easy to find.

03 December 2006 14:00

Mathcasts Wiki

A growing library of mathcasts. Mathcasts are recorded movies created with a smart board with audio narration. Students can see and hear how a given problem is solved. Resources available for Grades 1-12.

02 December 2006 23:00

Le Active Math

The design and development of LeActiveMath learning content aims at advancing e-learning in high schools by following a sound constructivist pedagogical approach providing a learning experience tailored to the needs of the students. ActiveMath is an intelligent learning environement that adapts to your mastery level: It tries to estimate your current knowledge, among others depending on the exercises you solved, the texts you read, etc.This book is an introduction into differential calculus. Using a hiking tour as an example, we successively introduce the notions "difference quotient", "derivative", and "derivative function". Finally, the most important rules of differentiation are treated. Note that some of the examples and exercises in this book are generated automatically, based on the data (fields of interest, state of knowledge, etc.) in your learner model. So every user gets his own individually adapted version of this book.

05 November 2006 10:15

29 October 2006 17:00

Portland Public School - Math Websites 9-12

List of quality websites addressing high school mathematics

04 October 2006 10:45


Mathcasts can Help students learn & review math. Help teachers collaborate & improve their teaching. Help parents help their children and enable them to see examples of their childrens' work. was created to give students a library of math tutorials and problem solutions and to give teachers a place to share their methods for teaching & learn from others. It's also a place where students & teachers can contribute and organize sets of movies for others or themselves to use.

25 January 2006 11:00


A premier source of classroom tested, Internet-based economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students. Lots of resources to tie into the curriculum.

23 September 2005 17:30

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