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September 2008

August 2008

July 2008

An Approach to Calculus

Useful site to supplement your text and classroom work. Short clear explanations and interactive exercises to check your understanding.

Topics in Trigonometry

Useful site to supplement your text and classroom work. Short clear explanations and interactive exercises to check your understanding.

Topics in Precalculus

Useful site to supplement your text and classroom work. Short clear explanations and interactive exercises to check your understanding.

June 2008

HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help

Online interactive courses to supplement AP and A/B science. math, and history. Great resource for students and teachers!

April 2008

Algebra and Precalculus Resources

Resources on algebra and pre - calculus ( with an emphasis on web-based interactives)

Graphs of Functions and Algebra - Interactive Tutorials

Free tutorials using java applets to explore, interactively, important topics in precalculus such as quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, polynomial, absolute value functions and their graphs. Equations of lines, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas and parabolas are also explored interactively. Graph shifting, scaling and reflection are also included. The definition and properties of inverse functions are thoroughly investigated. A graphical approach to 2 by 2 systems of equations is included.

March 2008

Algebra 2 and PreCalc Mathcasts

Students solve problems using the Smartboard and Screencasting software. Students narrate and demonstrate how to solve various problems.

February 2008

Interactives: Geometry 3D Shapes

This website offers motivational and interactive class activities to learn more about 3D shapes. It also shows how to calculate surface area and volume, as well as other mathematical properties about the 3D shapes. Specific topics include surface area and volume, platonic solids, Euler's Theorem, and several others. The Test Your Skills link provides an interactive quiz complete with photos, illustrations, and animations. The About This Interactive link provides standards, goals, lesson ideas, and more.

December 2007

Select Math

Math lessons for grades 6 - 12 aligned to standards and online manipulatives

November 2007

Subject Matter Interactives

"Interactives" provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students' skills in a variety of curricular areas.

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets

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Dynamic and Interactive Visualization with "Javaless" Applets or Interactive Excel Spreadsheets

September 2007

The Exponential Curve

A teacher's blog about strategies to help share ideas for teaching high school math concepts to students whose skills are still below grade level.

Lesson Plans and activities for High School and some Middle School Math. Some activities look good for differentiation. Mainly for Algebra but other math subjects available.


Outstanding resource for high school algebra,american government, AP biology,calculus,environmental science,physics,religion,and us history. Multimedia materials for differentiation and engagement. Interactive with full course materials. Added bonus: register as a teacher and customise the course materials and then we can add a link to your teacher website or the internet resources page.

June 2007

MathSite: An Interactive Source for Seeing, Hearing, Doing Mathematics

The exhibits of the MathSite are intended for people of all ages who are interested in or are curious about mathematics. No specialized mathematical knowledge or expertise is assumed.

Columbus State University:Math Contest

Columbus State University’s College of Education is now the home of the Problem of the Week math contest, which was started in 1996 by David Rock and Doug Brumbaugh. The math educators also supply problems and answers that are part of the current White House Math Challenge, a presidential effort to boost interest in math and foster problem-solving skills. Visit our history page for more on these and the companion problem-solving sites here — Algebra in Action, Middle School Madness and Elementary Brain Teaser.

Math Presentations

Tons of PowerPoints ready for you to use in your K-5 or 6-12 Math class. Other subjects also available.

SMART board in the Math Classroom

List of lesson plans and interactive sites for using a smartboard for math

May 2007

Maths Powerpoints

Free powerpoints to download for Math teachers

dy/dan » Blog Archive » Graphing Stories

Dan Meyer, a math teacher from Santa Cruz, CA. Dan used a videos of himself doing various things to teach graphing to his algebra students. The premise is simple: cross an arched bridge; descend a flight of stairs; all within a time frame that the students are shown. What would the graph of that look like in terms of elevation change over time? The lesson, which is downloadable, including the videos, is detailed at his blog here. You can download one, or all of the videos. Entire lesson is 45 minutes

April 2007

Nikon | Universcale

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Nikon's Universcale web app puts the entire universe into proportion, from the smallest particle to the largest measurements of space. From the femtometer to the light year, Universcale spans 40 magnitudes of measurement into a single cosmic web app. It's really amazing when you zoom all the way out into stars and galaxies and realize that every time you go a magnitude higher, everything you saw before, from the flea to Mount Everest, is contained in this tiny little grid in the lower-left side of the screen. Give it a whirl!

March 2007

Welcome to Learning Algebra Fundamentals

This resource addresses fundamental algebra skills to help students be successful and to provide teachers and parents/caregivers with readily accessible material to support this learning. Whether students are learning the material for the first time or reviewing to master the concepts, these tutorials are progressively challenging to address a wide range of ability levels.