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14 May 2007


Sample project on ee cummings using Scrapblog

13 April 2007

iClone - Real-time 3D filmmaking, 3D character animation - Machinima, 3D movies, 3D wardrobe creation, 3D special effects, and 3D websites

Master 3D real-time filmmaking with iClone 2.0! Advanced actor creation, real-time visual effects, and complete filmmaker 'power tools' allow you to create a complete cast of talking animated custom characters, clothing, 3D scenes and special effects for animated movies. iClone 2.0 demystifies the technology of creating full motion 3D avatars and video story-boarding

08 April 2007 - Image Redirection

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A quick and easy solution for linking to images on the web

07 April 2007