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28 October 2005 09:00

Table Shooter

Practice multiplication by moving your jet to the correct target and firing the rocket.

28 October 2005 08:45

Wabbit Words

Read the sentence and then find a carrot with the appropriate number, e.g. 'Less then 26' choose ANY carrot that is less than 26.

Counting Stick

This is a great whole class tool for counting activities. Choose a starting point and a pattern (ie 4) then click play. Clicking watch reveals the next number. Click hints for more info.

28 October 2005 08:30

Soccer Ball

Kick the ball that is 10 less than the number on the goalie's shirt! Headphones needed!

28 October 2005 08:15

Equivalence Tool

Demonstrator for the equivalence of decimals, percentages and fractions. Great for whole class.

28 October 2005 08:00


A demonstrator for the use of number lines.Includes a game for adding two 2-digit numbers together by adding the tens first. Answer 5 questions correctly and you can play the flying game. Good for mental Math. Teacher directions needed.

22 October 2005 13:15

Logic: Cannibals and Missionaries

Try this...not as easy as it looks! What's your strategy??

06 October 2005 11:30

Cyberchase . Games . Can You Fill It? | PBS Kids

Here's an online game that challenges students to estimate volumes of fluids using simple comparisons - without spilling anything! It's one of those great "not as simple as it looks" simulations that really does teach.