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May 2006

Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop

Skills: Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Object: Sell as many ice cream cones as possible in three minutes by converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Tony Fraction Pizza Game

Can you fill the customer's order with the right amount of toppings? Choose the Pizza size for the order then add your toppings. Click send to finish!

November 2005

Builder Ted

Help Ted fix the leaky roof by placing the bricks (decimals) in numerical order.

Visual Fractions

A tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles.

October 2005

Equivalence Tool

Demonstrator for the equivalence of decimals, percentages and fractions. Great for whole class.

Comparing fractions and percentages activity.

An interactive exploration to compare fractions and percentages using a pizza, candy bar, measuring cup, and group of people. Good whole class activity or small group.

Introduction to Fractions

Two interactive explorations to visualize fractions. Good for whole class activities, recognizing patterns. Provides different ways of representing fractions (pizza, candy bar, people, measuring cup)

NCTM : Illuminations : Fraction Model I

This tool explores several representations for fractions with equivalent decimals and percents Use circles, rectangles, or sets to illustrate the fraction./ See fraction models II, III, and IV for more options. Whole class tool. with lesson plan.

The Decifractator

Explore relationships between fractions and decimals with this interactive tool. Whole class tool.

Number Gym: Adding Fractions

Intro activity for adding fractions.

Equivalent Fractions

Fill in the equivalent fraction to win each round. Fractions illustrated with pie chart. Students can set the time and choose from equivalent fraction families. Good whole class activity as well.

Fractions – A Booster Activity

Interactive activity for basic fraction recognition. Activities are intuitive and require little reading. Good for introductory unit. Teachers should view support materials.

September 2005


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Whole class intereactive tool for equivalent fractions. Includes Game which can be played individually or as a class,