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May 2008

November 2007

World Atlas

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Highest lowest biggest smallest tallest deepest oldest youngest Continents Countries Cities Dependencies Deserts Islands Lakes Mountains Oceans Provinces Rivers Seas and more list by World Atlas

Geo Quiz Archive

Geoquiz from BBC/PRI in text and audio format

The Seven World Wonders

A complete listing of all the World Wonders in a variety of categories

Geospy -- National Geographic Kids

Can you identify all the continents, states, and provinces? Try GeoSpy and find out!

October 2007

::: Nunavut - Canada´s Arctic :::

Photo gallery: adventure, culture, landscapes, animals Information about the regions

Newfoundland and Labrador Photo Gallery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but here in Newfoundland and Labrador a thousand words would not do justice to the awe inspiring sights to be seen. Choose an album below and click through the photos we’ve compiled for you to explore.

Nova Scotia Phototour

Acadian Culture - view photos Cuisine - view photos Experience fall - view photos Halloween - view photos History & Heritage - view photos Music - view photos Outdoors - view photos Seacoast - view photos Urban - view photos

May 2007

Travel Canda WebQuest

Have you ever thought about taking a trip across Canada? Well, here is your chance! You and a group of classmates will be part of a team that collects information for making maps in order to prepare a magazine article for the Canadian Geographic. You will also prepare a tourist guide for a province or territory that your team finds particularly interesting.

February 2007

First People: 1600-1750

Vermont Historical Society...includes info on the Abernaki and Contact Period. Click on the side menu to navigate this topic.

What's The Point? Identifying Flint Artifacts

Use this guide to help identify different tools by answering yes/no questions about its features.

Prehistoric Alabama

Paleoindian, archaic, woodland, and Mississipian Periods in Alabama

Turning Points of Wisconsin Lesson Plan: Teaching with The Mammoth Mystery

This is a lesson plan to accompany the student activity: mystery of the Mammoth. The Mammoth Mystery is a virtual narrative of how a mammoth bone in the collection of the Kenosha County Museum led to the rediscovery of a significant archaeological site in Kenosha County. The cutmarks on this mammoth femur proved that Paleo-Indian people were living in Wisconsin between 10,000-12,000 years ago, much earlier than most archaeologists had believed possible.

Prehistory to the Present Timeline

Interactive time line showing receding glaciers in North America

Journey to a New Land

Introduction People first arrived in the Americas at least 12,000 years ago. The timing of their arrival and the route by which they travelled are not known. Did they follow an inland ice-free corridor route from Siberia to the unglaciated regions south of the ice sheets? Or did they take a coastal route, travelling by boat down the Pacific Coast? Did people arrive during the ice age, or not until after the glaciers receded? This site explores these and other questions, and looks at some of the evidence and ideas that have been proposed to resolve them. Choose your journey by clicking on the PRIMARY LEVEL, ELEMENTARY LEVEL, MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL, SECONDARY LEVEL or POST-SECONDARY LEVEL buttons located above the image at the top of the page. Or choose a shortcut to our Multimedia Library by selecting a category from the menu on the left.