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06 March 2007

21 May 2006

Set® Puzzle

Find sets of three sharing the same features.

20 May 2006

Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop

Skills: Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Object: Sell as many ice cream cones as possible in three minutes by converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Tony Fraction Pizza Game

Can you fill the customer's order with the right amount of toppings? Choose the Pizza size for the order then add your toppings. Click send to finish!

19 December 2005

The Broken Calculator

Use the broken calculator to solve your math problems in a creative way. Can you add 2+2 if the addition key is broken? Sure about (3*2)-2 . The answer is the same! Create some challenges for you, your friends, and teachers!

07 December 2005

NCTM : Illuminations Lessons

Interactive Math tools for grades for K-12. Accompanied by lesson plans and NCTM standards

17 November 2005

Grid Game

Find factors, multiples, and more and make Pythagoras jump for joy!

Builder Ted

Help Ted fix the leaky roof by placing the bricks (decimals) in numerical order.

03 November 2005


Select easy, medium or difficult to generate a new pattern then complete the sequence.


This activity can be used to:recognize and explore the properties of tessellations, identify and examine symmetry in geometric figures,describe, and classify polygons, examine the role of mathematics in society and nature

Visual Fractions

A tutorial that models fractions with number lines or circles.

02 November 2005

Math Adventures

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in two adventure games.

28 October 2005

Table Shooter

Practice multiplication by moving your jet to the correct target and firing the rocket.

Wabbit Words

Read the sentence and then find a carrot with the appropriate number, e.g. 'Less then 26' choose ANY carrot that is less than 26.

Counting Stick

This is a great whole class tool for counting activities. Choose a starting point and a pattern (ie 4) then click play. Clicking watch reveals the next number. Click hints for more info.

Soccer Ball

Kick the ball that is 10 less than the number on the goalie's shirt! Headphones needed!

Funky Mummy 2

Addition Facts to 40. Multiple choice format. Get 10 correct to write your name in heiroglyphics.


A demonstrator for the use of number lines.Includes a game for adding two 2-digit numbers together by adding the tens first. Answer 5 questions correctly and you can play the flying game. Good for mental Math. Teacher directions needed.

26 October 2005

Disguise Combos

How many disguises can you make for each character. Do you notice a pattern?

24 October 2005

NCTM : Illuminations : Fraction Model I

This tool explores several representations for fractions with equivalent decimals and percents Use circles, rectangles, or sets to illustrate the fraction./ See fraction models II, III, and IV for more options. Whole class tool. with lesson plan.

The Decifractator

Explore relationships between fractions and decimals with this interactive tool. Whole class tool.

22 October 2005

Logic: Cannibals and Missionaries

Try this...not as easy as it looks! What's your strategy??

The Number Gym:Multiplication Grid

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Learning the multiplication tables is made fun by testing yourself against your previous best score and the clock. When it gets too easy doing them in order, we mix them up! Use whole class or alone.

NLVM: Interactive Number Grid

This virtual manipulative displays a grid containing numbers from 1 to 200. You can use it to explore patterns and relationships involving multiples. Great for whole class.Click Instructions.

20 October 2005

A Maths Dictionary for Kids

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An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.