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Interactives: Geometry 3D Shapes

This website offers motivational and interactive class activities to learn more about 3D shapes. It also shows how to calculate surface area and volume, as well as other mathematical properties about the 3D shapes. Specific topics include surface area and volume, platonic solids, Euler's Theorem, and several others. The Test Your Skills link provides an interactive quiz complete with photos, illustrations, and animations. The About This Interactive link provides standards, goals, lesson ideas, and more.


Kung Fu Angles

Practice describing the angle rotating around a circle ninja style


Area and Perimeter

Excellent for learning area and perimeter


GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It received several international awards including the European and German educational software awards. It is open sourced, can be web-based or installed locally. Very similar to Geometer's sketchpad.

Geometry Solution

Geometry Solutions is a sophisticated calculator that calculates the perimeter, lateral and surface areas, and volume of plane and solid geometric figures. Practice using these formulas to improve your geometry skills!

SketchUp: Dream. Design. Communicate. Geometry for the Real World

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Google has some free software that some Math Teachers may want to look at and use with their classes. The software is called SketchUp and it’s a simple but powerful tool for quickly and easily creating, viewing and modifying your 3D ideas.lick on a shape and push or pull it to create your desired 3D geometry. Experiment with color and texture directly on your model. Real-time shadow casting lets you see exactly where the sun falls as you model. Select from thousands of pre-drawn components to save time drawing. I was very impressed with the ease of use of the software along with the video tutorials and user guide that is on the site. It’s worth taking a look if you teach Geometry.

Quadrilateral Quest: Do You Know Their Properties?

Complete the quest to see how well you know your quadrilaterals.


Design a quilt by clicking on the squares. Each square has 6 possible positions. Change COLORS by clicking the color palettes Make a quilt by clicking REPEAT, REFLECT or ROTATE


Discovering the Value of Pi

The students will measure the diameter and circumference of many circles and will estimate their relationship. By doing so, they should discover the approximate value of pi. By discovering it on their own they should feel rewarded and gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental concept of pi.

Problem Solving with Pentominos

Pentominos are the names of shapes created by 5 squares connected together. The objective of the puzzle is to place all pentominos inside the square after marking 4 boxes to remain empty.

Math Through Culture:Culturally-Situated Design Tools

Many cultural designs are based on mathematical principles. This software will help students learn standards-based mathematics as they simulate the original artifacts, and develop their own creations.

Math Continuum

Video tutorials and interactive activities with audio. Strands include: Numbers and Operations, Patterns and Relations, Geometry, Statistics and Probabiity Activities - Adding and subtracting Fractions, Fractions and Equivalent Fractions, Fractions, Multiply & Divide, Percent., Equations, Pattern Puzzles, Area


This activity can be used to:recognize and explore the properties of tessellations, identify and examine symmetry in geometric figures,describe, and classify polygons, examine the role of mathematics in society and nature

More Than Math

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More Than Math integrates the visual arts into the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade mathematics curriculum using works of art to explore pattern, symmetry, proportion, perspective, balance and geometric form

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