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June 2008

Motion and Forces

interactives >Teachers need to preview to determine grade level appropriate nteractives.

September 2007

Planet Impact: Home

In this interactive online activity, students investigate how the gravitational force of a large solar system body, such as Jupiter, can affect the path of a smaller body, such as a comet. They will launch a comet to learn how gravity can change its path. They also learn how changing the speed, the angle of approach, or the masses of large and small bodies affects the force of gravity on a comet. Students are challenged to use this knowledge to crash their own comet into Jupiter or make their comet fly past the planet without colliding with it

May 2007

It's a Wild Ride - Learning that Works

It's a Wild Ride is an extended interdisciplinary project that studies roller coaster design in science, mathematics, and language arts classrooms. Students learn and apply laws of motion, linear equations, and technical reporting. As the eight week project unfolds they move from learning content-specific knowledge and skills to applying what they learn in a group design task. Ultimately students must convince the theme park to accept their group's design through persuasive presentations. Look at interactive activities under the heading "Internet Activties to Expand Roller Coaster Knowledge"

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