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2007 : News

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Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver tutorials, extensions, and source files.

Flash tutorials: animation, actionscripting, cool design in Flash, creating flash ad banners, learning the basics of Macromedia Flash, preloaders, sound, and more! is a Macromedia Flash tutorials site, built for you to learn easily how to create cool Flash sites. Here, you will find how to make every nice flash effect you've seen on the web, step-by-step, from the ground up. You will find detailed descriptions of every ActionScript bit of code, design procedures and more. I made tutorials for Flash 8 and Flash MX. Please, continue reading the next two sections to see why.

Welcome to - Online E-learning Resource Library including games, quizzes, videos, interactive animations, presentations

We are constantly updating our resource library with new flash games, quizzes interactive animations and videos in a growing range of subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Mathematics, French, German, Geography, Physical Education and Business Studies. Our e-learning resources are designed for use on PCs and interactive whiteboards. They can be used to assist the teaching and learning of a whole class, as a small group activity or for individual students as homework or revision exercises.


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Typing letters game based on speed

2006 - Create Free Flash Presentations in browser

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Spresent is free Web-based presentations application based on Flash. Create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online. You can send presentations via e-mail or publish on your web site or blog.

Flash Classroom

This site is geared for the use of Flash in the K-12 classroom. Tutorials are in PDF format

Flash Tutorial

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Free tutorials sponsored by w3schools. As you progress through the tutorials you will find links to the video version of the particular lesson from

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